My Weight Loss Progress

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ass Chew

So I have been really bad about my blog. I think it is because I am so addicted to Pinterest that I don't care about it as much any more. I have a new love and addiction. However, I know I need to keep it up better. Recently I have been gone out of town..more to come about that and I just havent gotten around to posting. However I have a list of posts that are coming soon.

A few weeks ago I had admitted to not blogging because I was not doing well and sticking to plan; I had admitted that I had gained about five pounds. Well.......

The phone rang and it was my friend Tracy. I have practically known her since I was born and she is truly like an older sister. Oddly we even share birthdays. She was one of my first friends to win the blog award. Well, let me just tell you that she deserves the award. She calls me up and says, "I am so mad at you". Then she went on to give me an ass chewing about how I haven't blogged and how I need to get back on track, etc.

Some people might be mad at this approach but I actually was really glad to hear it. I know that it means that she cares. I know that she is trying to help and sometimes it is just what a person needs to hear. However, it has to be from the right person and at the right time. Someone else could say this and I would be totally offended.

Then this week we have had some out of town, unexpected guests...did I mention that they were Tracy's parents?? So, I haven't updated. But this is my promise to be better. Stay posted for lots of stuff coming soon.