My Weight Loss Progress

Friday, August 27, 2010

Say No to Fast Food

Man, it is hard to say no to fast food sometimes. I have been so busy this month and it is hard to always be totally prepared for lunch and dinner on the run. As I stated in a previous post, August is by far one of my busiest months for CPR; usually I have one of my other instructors teach for me so that I can be at home. However, I have recently been off work for four months due to the baby's birth and I am all about replenishing our savings account. So, this means lots of work for Cheryl. This week alone I have taught 3 CPR classes. Most of the classes are in the evening and I am rushing to get there after work; by the time the course is over it is 8:30 at night and I am famished and hungry. This is not a good thing for someone on a diet. I am already packing my lunch everyday so it is difficult to pack dinner too. I recently posted on Facebook about my morning bags...(diaper bag, gym bag, CPR bags, purse, Hudson's lunch bag & backpack, my lunchbag) seriously...can I pack another bag?

On Wednesday, I taught CPR and when I got done I ran thru Chick-fil-A. For my western friends, this is a fast food joint that only sells chicken. Their chicken is unique, it WAY better than any other chicken nugget I have ever had. It is very yummy, always busy, and Hudson loves their nuggets. Wednesday I actually had the kids with me. I teach CPR at my friend's Allstate office and she has a little girl a year older than Hudson. The kids went to the "Bounce House" to jump while I taught CPR and then after the class I took Hudson home. We were both starving so I quickly pulled through and indulged an 8 piece nugget and a french fry.
Nuggets: 270 cals
French Fries: 380 cals
Polynesian Sauce: 220 cals, (110 cals each..I had 2)

870 calories for one meal! It are days like this that will kill someone who is trying to lose weight. Lesson learned by would love suggestions on how to avoid the drive-thru.


Wow..I was so sick. I haven't been that sick in a long time. Saturday night I had a stomach virus and threw my guts up! I was up all night long. The next day I had a headache, I was sore (from both my workout and sleeping on the hard tile floor; the dry heaving for an hour probably didn't help either). Sunday I literally did not get off the couch. I still just felt really queasy. I couldn't eat anything, not even a cup of morning Joe. Now you know something is wrong when I don't want my special morning coffee. I slept pretty much all day. Monday I made it to work but still didn't feel well and pretty much didn't eat that day either except for some saltine crackers and gingererale. Even Tuesday, I still didn't feel quite right but started turning the corner. The stinky thing is that now I have some signs of a cold. Arrggh. I hate being sick. I can say that this year I have been sicker than I have been in a long time. I am going to blame it on preschool. Even though Hudson only goes two days a week, he is exposed to all those germs and brings them home. I haven't had really bad sickness but have had my fair share of colds, etc. Guess I should be better about taking my Vitamin C. I am hoping that this isn't really a cold and it will pass quickly. It is hard to get motivated to workout when you feel like crap; which leads me to I haven't hardly worked out this week. Just could't get myself on the treadmill. I am back on it today though!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weight Watcher Results: Week 18

So down 1.4 this week. Not feeling well today, have had a stomach bug, so I will post more later. Wanted to at least get my weight posted though. Hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow. I haven't eaten anything today except a few Saltine crackers and a Ginger-ale; maybe I will have another good week. That is usually the only benefit to being sick.