My Weight Loss Progress

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Blessing in Disguise

So.......I am a SAHM; for those of you that don't know what that is probably because you work and you aren't up on the Stay At Home Mom lingo. Way too many details to discuss, as to what happened, on my blog but as of 2 weeks ago I separated employment with the hospital. For those of you that know me this may come as a shock to you. This week alone I have received several phone calls and emails from sales reps with the big "WHAT?!?!" I have always been about climbing the corporate ladder, putting my education to use and making money. As most of you know, I own a CPR and First Aid business as well. It has been growing steadily and for the past 3 years I have wanted to take the leap of faith and dedicate my time to it and quit working for corporate america. I was so torn though. I had worked very hard to get into the position that I was in, I know lots of people in the industry and felt like stepping out was a risk. However, ultimately I wanted to be with my kids and do this but I was scared. How would I pay for medical benefits, would we have enough, would I be able to step back in if I wanted to? Well, this has forced me to take the leap of faith and DO IT.

The best part about it is that I get to be at home with my kiddos. I know that CPR Choice can be way more than it already is and now that I have a little time to work at it, I am going to try hard to get some contractual agreements in place with some businesses. Why work for the other guy...when you can work for yourself?

I am also excited to get control of my home. For the next several weeks I am planning to play a little game; I play it about once a year...It is called "What would June do?" June is my grandma and she is the epitome for organization and cleanliness. This is when I open my cupboards, drawers and closets and say "What would June do?" Her philosophy is that if you haven't used it or wore it in a year than you need to throw it away. I also hear another philosophy once. It goes like look at all your STUFF and you say "Do I LOVE it?", "Do I NEED it?", "Does it make me money?" and if it doesn't answer yes to at least one of those questions than you trash it. I love being organized but it seems like with work and everything I had to much and something had to give.

Do you remember my post about the glass balls. Well, I just got to gently put one of those balls down. A big ball...WORK. Now I will have more time to focus on me. Cooking healthy meals, grocery shopping, exercising, and organizing. I can't wait. This week I already cleaned out the office closet, the fridge and the pantry. If felt so good and now I have an inventory as to what food we have and I am trying to come up with meals for dinner at least 5 nights a week. I figure there will be left overs and we will still eat out some. It is going to be so much easier to eat healthy. We hardly have any unhealthy food in our home so as long as I am home...I should be good.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

Well, today is my birthday...not just 3-0 anymore but in my early 30s. This birthday is much better than the last. My last birthday is actually what caused this weight change. I had wrote about it in previous posts but I will do a quick recap. Here is a picture of me last year on my birthday.

Turning 30 was really hard on me. I had felt pretty confident through most of my teenage years and felt like I looked okay and was in pretty good shape till I turned about 20. My entire 20s were a struggle with my weight. Trying a different diet every couple months, only to stay on it for a couple weeks. My kids were born in my 20s, Hudson was born one week before my 27th birthday and Reese was born when I was 30 but I was pregnant through most of my 20s. It seems like your 20s are supposed to be when you are absolutely the most radiant. You have great skin, no wrinkles, and a youthful body. However, I let my entire 20s slip away from me and was a fat slob. I wasn't sexy and I felt like once I turned 30 the other things of my age would begin to show (i.e., wrinkles) and that I had let my prime go. I made a vow a year ago that I would not let my 30s go by and me just continue down the same path of destruction. I vowed that as soon as I had my baby that I would do something about it and change it! Well, 65 pounds later I can proudly say I have made a big difference. I still have a long ways to go and I sure hope to be at my goal by my next birthday, well hopefully even sooner. Here is a picture taken this week.

This week has been difficult. We have been in Idaho in subzero temperatures and the only thing to do is to sit by a warm fire and eat! Hopefully I havent packed on the pounds. I have been scared to get on the scale. I have not exercised as planned but will get on the treadmill today. Tonight we are having a birthday party for Hudson and his cousin Cole...more food! I know the holidays will be difficult but at least I will be home more and away from the multiple temptations. Hopefully I can just splurge Christmas day.

I will post a new weight pic on Wednesday when we get home to our scale. I am not giving up. I am embracing my 30s and going to be proud of them when I turn 40 instead of wishing that they had been different.