My Weight Loss Progress

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I almost Barfed!

So tonight I went back to my regular Thursday night work outs. Let me just tell you that I will not be taking two weeks off ever again. I was just getting used to the workouts and not being brutally sore. Took some time off and returned; the whole night I thought I was going to barf. It was so hard. I dont even want to think about tomorrow. I am going to be so sore. I am sore just typing this quick blog post.

I got there early, stretched out and did a quick mile on the treadmill. We had our typical circuits around the room and all of them were hard. Tammye really pushes me. Sometimes I want to give up so bad but the other girls are real supportive and keep me going. They are all in much better shape than I am. Tonight they kept asking me if I was one point my trainer asked me why I was resting..I told her because if I moved I would throw up on her shoes. Well, at least I know I got a good one in.

Race for the Cure is coming up the end of this month. I am so not ready to run the whole thing. I know my friend Jordan is coming for the weekend and she is a runner, I know she will push me and hopefully I can at least jog the entire thing. I better hit the treadmill more frequently! So the new season of Biggest Loser started and I am enjoying watching it. I must admit that it doesn't seem as great this season. I really like the teams and/or far it isn't that exciting but it still keeps me motivated. I am excited to see Jordan for the race, it is also Halloween weekend. We get tons of trick or treaters since we live across from the corn maze and one of our friends has a big party. Hudson is going to be a pirate this year and Reese is going to be a ladybug. Pics to come.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blog Award

This month's Blog Award goes to my friend Rachel Holloway. I told her about my blog a while ago and ever since I told her she has been a great follower. She posts lots in my comments, talks to me on Facebook and it is nice to have her as a reader. She is also trying to lose some post baby weight so it is fun to have someone else that is having the same goals.

The funny thing about Rachel is that while we went to high school together she graduated a year after me and we never were really close friends. She asked to be my friend on Facebook a long time ago and I accepted. She also posted links to her blog,, on Facebook and a lot of her posts were recipes. I think I have tried at least 75% of them and they are all awesome! I enjoyed reading her blogs and we became friends pretty much 100% through the internet. Out of all of my facebook friends she posts the most on my pictures and my wall.

She is an amazing lady! She has four kids but she is always doing activities, cooking, blogging, etc. I don't know where she get her energy! She is doing weight watchers too and is doing awesome. She has been my motivation in recent weeks. Keep up the good work Rachel! Thanks for all your support. You amaze me!

Chop and Shop

So, while my friends were here I learned about a new concept. It is called a personal shopper. I had never heard of it. My friend Liz told me about it. It is where you pay someone a fee (around $150) to go shopping with you and pick out clothes for you. They know current style, are excellent and sizing, colors, etc. I kind of thought the idea was absurd since it was so expensive but my friend Liz had some really cute clothes and she inspired me. We seem to get stuck in a rut. Do you notice that you wear the same 10 outfits and just regurgitate them over and over again. Or have you ever liked a shirt so much that you went back and bought it in another color? This is totally against everything a personal shopper's thinking. They want each outfit to be unique and not just a copycat.

I haven't went clothes shopping in forever! I can't even remember the last time I bought some business casual outfits. I did buy a dress for Maggie's wedding but that was it. So......I talked my friends into being my personal shoppers...for free! We went to my favorite store, New York & Company. They were having a great sale. We didn't get there until 8:30PM and they closed at 9. My friends and I ran around like crazy and I tried on tons of clothes. I ended the night with 4 great outfits. Nothing that I would have bought on my own. The best part about it, is that I only spent $200 and the regular bill would have been well over $400. I got everything for about half off. These outfits were a good deal too because they all had three pieces, like a pair of pants, shirt and sweater or pants, shell and blouse. It was very fun and it was great to get some confidence and feel good good in some new clothes. It was also great to be able to fit into the pants with no trouble and to even have to buy a shirt in a large instead of an extra large.

I also hacked my hair off while they were here. I now have a chin length a-line bob. It is cute! A little shorter than I expected but it will look great in a month! It is way healthier now. I got rid of some old highlights with the cut and now I am just back to my natural color. I will take a picture soon.

Weight Watcher Results: Week 24

OK, so its not huge but I am pretty darn proud. For having friends in town for four days, I am amazed that I almost lost 2 pounds. I haven't been to my workout on Thursday nights in two weeks. One week I was in Chicago and this week my friends were in town. I meant to do weekend warrior last Saturday but it was the annual neighborhood garage sale and we had planned on participating for months. I did make about $400 at the sale! It was great, I put it together in under an hour and still have quite a few things to craigslist and donate.

I just have to keep telling myself that slow and steady wins the race!