My Weight Loss Progress

Monday, August 30, 2010


Well, today I went way over on points. I had 36 points, supposed to have 25. I burned off 7 points though thru activity!
This morning I forgot my breakfast so I went to the cafeteria, I just got some scrambled eggs thinking that was a good protein rich breakfast, who knew that 3/4 cups of scrambled eggs was 8 points. Sounds crazy! Then I had a lunch meeting that I couldn't get out of so had to eat out. Had a small sandwich but sure it was probably 10 points (just because it was made in a restaurant)

Thats it for today!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blog Award

The blog award for September goes to my beautiful friend Maggie! She has been so encouraging. She checks out the blog regularly and comments frequently. I talk to her pretty frequently on the phone and she helps to keep me motivated. Yesterday, I had the chance to spend a special day with her...her wedding day! She was such a beautiful bride. She was so radiant that it made me want to keep going! I remember how it felt to feel skinny and happy. I want that feeling back so badly.

Here are some pics from the wedding. This is what "under 200" looks like! I was very brave and wore a strapless dress! It has been a while since I could just go to the store and quickly grab a dress, try it on and it FIT. I still have a long way to go. Last night there were a lot of beautiful young women at the wedding. I was envious. I felt good in my dress but could only dream of how I would feel if I was another 50 pounds lighter.


Weight Watcher Results: Week 19

Well, I am a little confused by this weeks weigh in. I was so sick on Sunday that I practically didn't eat for 3 days this week, I must of barfed up at least a few pounds and I even cut my hair. Haha! No seriously though, I was very aware of what I was eating and tried to make good choices. While I wasn't perfect for the week I thought that I would still have a loss. I really struggled to get on the treadmill this week. My stomach was still bothering me up until Wednesday and now I am struggling with a cough and some mild congestion.

This week goes to show that I must log my food and exercise. That is going to be my goal again for the next month. Friends hold me accountable! I am going to try and post my points for the day every day in the month of September. This is a big commitment but if I want to be successful I think I need to. I also am running out of time to complete my C25K program. It is only 3 days a week but I must start now if I am going to complete the 8 week program. I have kind of been on and off with it.

31 days until my friend Tracy and Liz come to visit from California. I want to be in the 180s by the time they get here. It is going to be tough because I will have to consistently lose 2 pounds a week until they get here. I have struggled to be consistent. Some weeks I lose 3 pounds, some I lose 1, some I lose none. I am hoping by setting this short goal that I will be able to really focus and do it. I am also wanting to be 185 by the time of the Race for the Cure at the end of October.