My Weight Loss Progress

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Freakin? Friggin? Frickin?

Yesterday I went to the mail box and there was a card for me!  You have to admit...don't you love to still get some snail mail every once in a while?  I opened the card and the front looked like this.

When I opened it, the inside said, 
"You can cope with anything if you have a FRIEND and a GOOD "F" WORD substitute"

This is SO true!  Lol.  Friends are so important.  Just this weekend I was talking to my brother-in-law about friendships and how much they mean.  I must say that I try really hard to be a good friend.  I like to do little things for my friends and I try really hard to stay in touch even with the ones I haven't seen in a while.  

The girl that sent this card is one of my sweetest friends in Tennessee.  I have actually known her for seven years but our friendship has really flourished in the past year since she quit her job and became a stay at home mom.  We were able to start spending more time together.  I also recently hired her to teach CPR and she is awesome!  I couldn't have a better person to rely on.  Kristy is a great friend, she has came over the day before a birthday party and helped me prep my house, we have made meals together, went on countless play dates with our kids, etc.  I am so glad to have her in my life.  It's really crazy that we are friends though, really I was friends with her husband first.  

I worked with her husband, Jason at the first hospital that I worked at in Tennessee.  We hit it off as friends immediately.  He was motivated, driven and I knew he was bound for success.  He also at the time had a job that made a whole lot more money than me, I was the lowly  I was bored and needed more so I started taking on projects for him and going to his meetings to do grunt work like taking minutes, etc.  Any time I had free time I would try to help him and learn what he was doing.  I became an expert at v-look ups in excel and I don't think he minded having an assistant.  He soon informed me after about 5 months that he was going to go into sales and leave the hospital in about a month.  My mind was spinning.  Could I do his job?  I went in to overdrive trying to learn as much as I could during that month and he did a good job teaching me as much as he could.  As soon as he left, I put in my application.  I had only worked there for 6 months as the administrative assistant and now I was trying to be a Contract Analyst.  Let's just say that my older co-workers with more seniority were not happy about it.  It wasn't that they really wanted the job, but who was I? Some new girl from out west...the secretary!!

Well, I got that job and I loved it.  It was only because of that job that I decided to follow in Jason's footsteps and get my MBA.  I think I got the job in December and started back to college in January.  I continued to work in that type of roll for several years and then even moved on to another hospital with a similar job with more responsibility.  I owe a lot of my career to having a good mentor.  Technically Jason and I only worked together for 6 short months but we stayed in touch, got together for double dates (where I met his wife) about once a year and saw each other at professional meetings.  By the way, he went on to become a corporate director of the largest hospital in Knox county and recently won the "40 under 40" in Knoxville.

Kristy and I were phone friends.  Before I had Hudson I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks.  It was really hard on me both emotionally and physically.  Needless to say, it seemed like most of the family didn't understand and I felt alone.  Travis tried to be caring and understanding but he just didn't quite get what I was going through.  I knew that Kristy had also had a miscarriage with her first baby and then quickly became pregnant after.  It gave me hope.  I called her and talked to her and she was a good shoulder to lean on.  Once I had the kids, she was the friend I would call for advice since both of her kids are almost exactly a year older than mine.  For the past 4 years we have chatted on the phone fairly regularly and then like I said she quit her job and then our friendship was able to grow.  

Not sure why I am telling you all this history but I guess it's because both of their friendships truly changed my life and my career. I am thankful to have them both.

Kristy is so SWEET.  Have I mentioned that she is super skinny, fit and beautiful?  
I kind of hate her for that!
Her note in the card says,
"Just a little note to say that you look great...beautiful...amazing...and you have already accomplished more than most people do in their health goals.  I am going to be so jealous of your new boobs, it's going to be hard to be around you!  Keep on Keepin' On.  Love ya friend!"

How great is that?  That is a true friend for you and just what I needed.  In regards to the new boobs, I am really trying to get to my goal weight of 140 so I can fix what I have!  If you missed the post about it is on the link above.  Last week we all went to Dollywood with Jason, Kristy and their kiddos.  Here is a quick pic I snapped.

I guess I will get ready for the gym now....and KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON.
Thanks Kristy!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 we come!

Looks like we will be heading to Idaho a little later than we had first expected.  I am little happy, since it will give me two weeks more of cushion to get on this weight loss.  We are planning to leave on July 14 and spend some time with Travis's family until the 22nd.  Travis then is going to head back to Knoxville since he has to work.  I am going to go spend a few days in Boise and see my friends and family.  My cousin Ryan offered to pick us up in Idaho Falls and fly us to Boise.  The kids will be so excited to fly in his plane again.  Last year, Hudson got to co-pilot, this year since he is even older it will definitely be something he doesn't forget and I am grateful not to have to drive the 5 hours.  I am going to stay in Boise until the 26th.  That should give me sometime to see my mom, cousins and friends.  I will bring the kids home with me.

The trip is 7 weeks away and I know that a miracle can't happen in that much time, so I am just going to try and be steady and stick with it.  Hopefully I can at least lose the weight I had gained and be back to where I was last summer.

I am really excited about going to Idaho this time of year.  It has been a very long time since we have been there in the middle of the summer.  We almost always go in the winter.  Last year we went in September and it was very nice but I am excited for it to be HOT.  Hudson is so excited to see his cousins and go swimming and to float the river with his Grandpa Clair.

I went back to writing my goal on my wrist, so I will have a constant reminder of what I am trying to achieve.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some Good with the Bad

OK...I shared the bad news!  I am out of the closet.  Here I am at 194 pounds again!  However, there is some good news too.  I have no idea why but yesterday I had two people come up to me at the gym and say, "I can't believe how much weight you have lost, since you started coming here".  Funny thing is...I started coming in January and I haven't lost a single pound.  I do think that my body is changing a little.  I am not in denial though about muscle and fat, etc.  But it still feels nice to have people come tell you that you look great!

I also got an amazing and motivational Facebook comment from my Zumba instructor.  It are little things like this that keep me going.  A couple of Saturdays ago there were 3 new girls in class and they were all about 25-50 Lbs heavier than me.  I guess they talked with Kimberlie after class.  Here is what she sent me.  At least I can still shake my BIG BOOTY!

Judgement Day

So, here it goes.  I am about to face the truth.  I know why I haven't been losing!  I have been lying!  The truth is that I have gained a solid 15 pounds since June of last year.  Sunday this was the scale.  The lowest I really got last year was 177, there was something wrong with my scale and I got a reading of 169 a couple times but when I recaliberated it, it wasn't right.  I know 100% that I weighed 177 when I went to Disney World in mid June last year.  I haven't been posting pics of the scale cause I am mortified!  How did I let this happen?  How can I exercise so much, be in the best shape of my life and have gained weight?  It makes no sense.  I guess I can only blame myself, the winter, the holidays, and more.  I really tried to get with it in January but I have had no luck.  I haven't wanted to tell anyone that in January I weighed exactly what I weigh today.  I haven't lost a pound.  Well, I take that back.  I have lost a regained the same 5 pounds, over and over.  That is so bad!

I am going to post the scale picture every Monday morning again!  I have to do it.  It really worked last year when I was honest with myself and honest with you all.  I gotta do it again.  I still have 54 pounds to lose.  My goal is still 140.  152 will have me be at 100 pounds lost from when I delivered Reese but I am shooting for healthy.  According to my height I should even weigh less but 140 will be unbelievable to me.