My Weight Loss Progress

Friday, January 21, 2011

Healthy Living Expo

Koli, Ashley, Me & Sherry
(Season 9, Biggest Loser Cast)

So, today was the Healthy Living Expo in Knoxville. My friend Nikki and I packed up the kids and decided to see what all they had to offer. There were tons of booths and exhibits. The season 9 Biggest Loser Cast was there and of course I had to get a picture. It is so exciting to see them. They have lost so much weight and it is inspiring.

There were exercise classes available and cooking demonstrations, etc but with the kids we couldn't really participate in that stuff. It was fun to walk around and see what they had to offer but there was also a lot of gimmicks. Wraps that melt off fat, the shake weight, the magic pills and so on. We all know that stuff doesn't work. The funniest thing today though was the lady trying to sell me her scientifically different wrap that was going to make me skinny. The funny thing though is that the lady selling it to me was fat. haha. I wanted to ask her if it worked so good why she didn't use it. It was also interesting just to people watch. It was also interesting that some of the Bariatric surgeons are overweight themselves and so is their office staff. Don't get me wrong...I don't want to buy weight loss products from super models with a six pack but I don't want to buy a magic fat pill from a fat lady....that isn't magic.

Anyway, it was fun. It is still going on tomorrow at the Knoxville Convention Center. Since we will be out of town for the weekend, you all will have to wait till Monday for another post.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

In Ink

Well, I was going to put my goal of 179 on my arm next Saturday but tonight as I was talking to a friend, she was like you need to do it now! Maybe then you will even lose more if you focus on it. She also challenged any of my friends doing the Biggest Loser challenge to put their goals for the week on their arms in support. She is going to do it too!

So here it is! In permanent ink! I know that I can do it.....January 30th here I come. I haven't been in the 170s in over 10 years. I am also really looking forward to a size 14. I am so close. I have two pairs that fit. I think getting to 179 might just be the ticket!

Today I taught two CPR classes and then came home put the kids to bed and convinced Travis to do the "Shred" video with me. We both got our workout clothes on and did it at 10PM. The thing I love about the Shred is that you only need some hand weights and 20 minutes and you can totally do it. Makes it hard to make excuses. Last night Travis went skiing and my friend Nikki came over and did it with me. I can not tell you how great it is to have other people supporting me. It makes it way more fun to workout when you do it with friends. It has been nice making new friends at the gym too. I love my little workout group on Thursday nights. Sad, I had to miss this week and next week too but I'm planning to go to a make up session on Monday. Headed out of town for the weekend so have to watch what I eat so closely! I think it was good that I wrote it on my arm today. I don't think I would of worked out if I hadn't; especially after working from 11-9.

My plan is to do it tomorrow too and to take the video with me on our trip as well as my hand weights. I can do it with the MAC book in the hotel. I am also looking forward to all the walking and some swimming. I bought the baby her first bikini today. Pics coming soon.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Okay so I am shooting for a two pound loss this week. That will put me at 184. I just got done watching Biggest Loser and one of the contestants wanted to weight under 350 for their way in; it had been years since he weighed less. He wrote 349 on his inside forearm with a permanent maker. It reminded him every day of what his goal was. It was a lofty one too. That was a 15 pound weight loss for one week. He ended up almost making it and weighing in at 350 (a 14 pound loss).

Well, I am about to do the same thing and set a lofty goal. We all know I am not on the Biggest Loser so 15 pounds would be totally unrealistic but I believe that I can lose 5 pounds and see 179 by the next weigh in on Jan 30th. It has been 10 years since I have seen the 170s. I'll take a picture of my arm and post it!

This weekend we are headed to Chattanooga for a weekend of family fun. We are going to the aquariums and the Children's Discovery Museum. We will be staying in a hotel one night (got one with a pool so the kids can swim). This will mean that I have to be very careful because we will be eating out for those meals on Saturday and Sunday.

I know that I can do it! So excited to get out of the 180s!!

Yummy low calorie treats

If you are looking for some low calorie desserts to kill those sweet tooth cravings. Here are a few ideas:
  • Strawberries or Pineapple drizzled in low fat chocolate sauce
  • 5 Hershey's kisses
  • Sauteed banana w/fat free caramel sauce
  • Low fat Jello pudding cup with light cool whip
  • Home made Sorbet (Blend: 1 bag frozen berries, 1/4 C sugar, 1/4 C water, 1 TBSP lemon juice)
  • Baked apple with cinnamon
  • One scoop low fat ice cream w/berries
  • Poached pears (poach a peeled pair in 1/2 C orange juice, 1 C apple cider, with 2 cinnamon sticks and a vanilla bean)
  • Yoplait Yogurt (strawberry cheese cake, key lime pie, Boston cream pie, coconut cream pie, lemon meringue)
  • Apple with TBSP of peanut butter or fat free caramel
  • Frozen banana
  • Low fat fudgecicle

Monday, January 17, 2011

Laughing Cow

I am totally hooked on these laughing cow cheese wedges. They taste so yummy and are only 35 calories. Put them on some carrot sticks or on celery for a yummy snack. You can also put them on a low calorie cracker. I really like Breton Mini crackers by Dare Foods. They taste similar to a Ritz and they don't taste low calorie and you can eat 15 of them for only 80 calories and 9 carbs. The cheeses come in several different flavors such as garlic/herb, sundried tomato, french onion, blue cheese and more. They are also good if you smear them in a small tortilla. I buy the fajita sized ones and they are about half the calories of the burrito size. You can also use it as a spread for a yummy veggie wrap.

If you sign up for their free newsletter you can get a buy one get one free coupon

What are some of your favorite snacks? Please share in the comments.

Tips and Tricks for Weight Loss

This weekend I went to an event called "Holiday Hangover" and listened to a fitness & nutrition coach talk about some tips and tricks for weight loss and healthy eating. I thought that I would share some of them.

The Dining Table
Have fun, turn off the TV, eat buffet style (don't keep the food on the table or you will continue to go for seconds and thirds). One of my family members actually dishes up the portions to her family and then immediately puts the leftovers in tupperware containers for lunch tomorrow. I love this idea!

Eat breakfast everyday; even if its something small. Eat complex carbs, protein and fat. (Ideas include: Yogurt parfaits, smoothies, scrambled eggs & whole wheat toast, whole grain waffles & pancakes, English muffin w/peanut butter and banana)

Eat Super Foods
Veggies such as spinach, broccoli and sweet potato, small fruits & berries, and nuts such as almonds and cashews. Other good foods are whole grains including brown rice, steel cut oats, whole wheat bread and popcorn. Beans are also high in fiber; try kidneys, black beans or chickpeas. Beef & Omega 3 foods. Yes, beef and others like tuna, salmon, eggs and avocados. Drink low fat milk, cheese and yogurt (beware of the sugar, you might try Kefir yogurt or stoneybrook) for your dairy.

Stay Hydrated
Drink lots and lots of water. Drink it as soon as you awake since your body is dehydrated after sleeping. Drink it before meals; lots of times we are not really hungry but thirsty. Try to drink a minimum of 64oz per day.

Eat things God made
Pretty much this means shop the outside perimeter of the store; eat fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, eggs. If it has lots of ingredients or things in it you can't pronounce, it probably isn't that good for you. Eat things in their natural form if possible.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Starting Weight for Biggest Loser Competition

Well, let the competition begin! Here is my weight as of yesterday. I had to get a new scale and I think that this one is a little more accurate to the one at my doctors office. I think it is about 2 pounds lighter than my last scale but that still means I lost 2 pounds. Now that the competition has began, it is my goal to
1) Eat Breakfast
2) Drink more water
3) Bite it...Write it (keep a food log)
4) Exercise daily, even if its only 20 mins
5) Wear the bodybugg

I have been doing really good with the exercise. I haven't exercised every day but I have done the "Shred" video several times and worked out with Tammye. Yesterday was weekend warrior. I made a big mistake! I had posted on Facebook one night after doing my video, "that I wasn't sure who was tougher..Tammye or Jillian". When I got to Weekend Warrior, Tammy told the entire group that I had challenged her and that she was going to show me who was tougher. She wins! The power hour almost killed me. My body is still weak when it comes to endurance. It is getting better. I feel strong and more in shape but need to work more on my higher intensity cardio and endurance.

After leaving the gym, I headed to the Maryville Mom's event "The Holiday Hangover". I got there late but in time to do the last 25 minutes of yoga. Felt so good to stretch out after my hard workout. We had healthy breakfast, yogurt parfaits and had a little time to visit. It was fun. I talked about the biggest loser competition and several people signed up. Then there was a lady that talked for a while about nutrition. I will be posting some of her ideas and tips very soon.

On my way from leaving I got a text from a friend. It said, "by the way, thanks for all the encouragement. I couldn't do this without it. You are not only motivating, but a source of inspiration. Just thought I'd give you a shout out! Thanks friend!" It feels so good to be motivating other people and with that I also know that those people are watching me. How can I be motivating or an inspiration to others if I myself am not doing what I need to do. I have really been slacking on my food log. I know that this is one of the most important things for me to do. If you don't log it then little things sneak in! That has got to be my number one priority. There have been tons of studies that show that just writing it down can make a huge difference in your weight loss success! I encourage all of you to write it too.