My Weight Loss Progress

Monday, September 27, 2010

The fire is ignited!

So the fire has been ignited. I have a goal for the next 8 weeks. At least 16 pounds. That will get me 10 the 185, I have been shooting for...for so long. Just in time for my birthday. The big 31. Today was day 1. I ate 25.5 points! I am allowed 25. I packed my lunch, made good choices and feel good about my success. Please help keep me motivated! I need it! I am also going to try and be better about updating my blog. I have been slacking and that has made me less accountable.

Well, I am excited. Do any of you have any goals for the next 8 weeks? Lets do them together!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pumpkin Spice Cookies

OK...these are so good and they are only 1 point each! They are almost like a personal little cake. You could add cream cheese frosting for a real special treat but that would add another point. Here is the recipe!

Pumpkin Spice Cookies
1 Spice Cake mix
2 egg whites
15 oz pumpkin
1/2 C applesauce
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp cloves
(you could use pumpkin pie spice if you have it)
1 tsp vanilla
1/3 C semi sweet chocolate chips

I used my cookie ball scoop and it made 50 cookies. These cookies don't expand much so you can fit quite a few on a sheet. They spread a little bit but they pretty much just turn into little mini muffin tops. The dough is really soft so using the cookie baller what great. You could use a small ice cream scoop too for a larger cookie but then they would be two points. You could also do a lot more chocolate chips but 1/3C makes them have a little treat with out the calories. The cookie is very cakey (if you have ever had pumpkin choc chip cookies from the deli at the grocery store, they are very similar). Make sure to lightly grease the cookie sheet or they will stick. Cook 10-13 minutes until the tops of the cookie feel firm to the touch.

Enjoy! :)

A Bend in the Road, Is not the End of the Road

So these past few weeks have really been a struggle. It is getting harder and harder to stay 100% motivated, to pack lunches, to make time to work out, etc. I have just hovered right under 200 for weeks. It is so frustrating and it makes you want to give up. I am hating to say it but for the first time, I am feeling defeated.

I have to be honest with myself. My diet has not been perfect and even though I have been exercising, my trainer always says "you can't out train a bad diet". However, even though I haven't been blemish free I have still tried hard to stay on track. I can definitely tell you where my downfall is...I am not logging my points. In order to be successful you have to "write it..if you bite it". I know that this is what has been hindering me. I only get 25 points a day now and one slip up can cost you 10 points. Also, I have been eating out way more since returning to work. I have work lunch meetings, my trip to Chicago or forgetting to pack my lunch because I know the hospital cafeteria or atrium cafe will have an option for me. Yet these options are never as good as the option of bringing my own food. I know my pitfalls but for some reason I have been complacent.

I really need something to ignite that spark again. I was so motivated to lose 50 pounds by the time I returned to work. What can I be motivated for in order to lose the last 50. I need to just be motivated within myself but it is so much easier when you have a goal or something to look forward to. I have tried to set little goals but have failed.

My birthday is 9 weeks away. I have been trying to be under 185 which would be my lowest weight in the past 6 years. That is what I am going to try for. I am going to work super hard to do it. I need your help. Are you guys even still reading?? I know I can do it. Also, the new season of biggest loser just started. That will help! I have a few challenges ahead though. I have friends coming into town starting Thursday. The good news is that both of them are also trying to eat healthy; so hopefully we will all be able to hold each other accountable.

Weight Watcher Results: Week 23

So, this is probably the hardest post for my weight since this began. It is a gain. I knew that it would be. At least it is under 200, I swear I will never see that again! Well, a new post is coming to let you know what is going on...more in detail.