My Weight Loss Progress

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Broken Scale

So, my scale is officially broken which is why I haven't posted a weigh in. I need to get a new one. We have had crazy weather this week. We woke up yesterday to 7 inches of snow. Totally unheard of in this area. Nevertheless I haven't made it to town to get a new one and no..I did not purposely break it. The digital reading just went out.

Looking forward to the start of our competition this Saturday. For more info check out

Have you read the news? In 2012 they are going to have to start putting the nutritional information (calories, carbs, protein, etc) on meat. I am really happy about this. I hate always having to weigh everything, look it up, etc. It will be great to have it right on the package. It will also make it easier to pick out leaner cuts of meat. Just an FYI.

Not much for now...more coming soon.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Deadly Desserts

So New Years Eve we invited a couple over to play games and have pizza. I ordered two Papa Murphy's take and bake pizzas and specifically purchased their deLite pizza as it is lower in calories. When my friend arrived she was carrying a gift bag and said "Merry Christmas". When I opened the gift bag it was full of homemade baked goods; two mini loaves of pumpkin bread, cookies, fudge, peppermint brownies and more. Seriously?? This is a close friend, she knows that I am watching everything and trying to lose weight. But wait, this story gets even better....then....her husband walks in and says "we brought dessert, everything for ice cream sundaes" These were no basic sundaes!
Here is the list of what they brought:
Vanilla Ice Cream
Hot Fudge
Carmel Sauce
Reeese's Peices
Gummy Bears
Whipped Cream
Maraschino Cherries

You do know that you I love sweets, right? Then they offered to leave all this stuff at the house. I convinced them to take it all except for the oreos and gummy bears because Hudson liked them and would eat them. The next day I found the bag of Reese's (my favorite candy) still here. Darn it! I am still being haunted by these goodies. I have indulged in Oreos more than once and last night when I got up to feed the baby..the Oreos were staring at me. I decided to just take a picture of them and write a post about it.

So, this post is not to be mean to my friend. I love her and she is one of my dearest in TN, however this was lots of temptation for me. I appreciate her thoughtfulness and all of the hard work that she put into making the goodies. Have I mentioned that the brownies I tried, were delicious? I did put the bread and cookies in the freezer and haven't tried them. Saving for a special occasion. I should of just avoided the temptation or had a very small serving of ice cream. I always say that it is portion control. My problem is that when something is around, I sometimes don't know how to stop.

Since I am now trying very hard to meet a specific goal in a specific time I am calling all friends and family members to try and do their best to support my goals. Not blaming our friends or calling it a sabotage, they were just being nice. However, if you are coming over anytime soon....please leave your yummy goodies at home.