My Weight Loss Progress

Saturday, May 21, 2011


There are two things that I have really enjoyed having. These are not essentials but definitely can make your life a little easier.

1) Splash Guard for Nalgene Bottle

This little contraption just fits snuggly in your nalgene bottle and it is amazing. I love drinking cold water and this makes it so the ice does not come and splash in your face. It also makes it easier to drink while exercising and running. It makes it so you don't drench yourself. However sometimes I like to drench myself. You can find these at outdoor store like Little River Outfitters, REI and Dicks. They are about $5.

2) Water bottle strap

There are pros and cons to this contraption. I don't like having anything on me while I am running but this isn't bad. It is pretty small and holds your water against your back while you run. It also has a small little pocket where you can put your ipod, phone, a few bucks, chap-stick and car keys. I get very thirsty while exercising so while I don't like having to wear this I do think it is much nicer than carrying your water bottle in hand or not having water at all. I bought this one at Dicks for about $15.

Judgement Day

So for those of you with your heads in the sand...there are a few people that think the rapture is coming tonight. They came up with this based on dates and calculations from a few verses in the Bible. However, I think they are crazy! Anyone that has read the bible and believes it has read Matthew 24:36 "36“However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself.k Only the Father knows." Trust me if I truly thought that tonight would be my last day on Earth then I would not of woke up and spent the morning getting my butt kicked by my trainer. I would of flew to Hawaii and sipped Pina Coladas and ate donuts today. But, since I don't think the rapture is tonight, I feel like I faced my judgement day with Tammye this morning instead. Trust me, you don't want to face her wrath! Sometimes I think she gets joy out of watching the looks of pain on my face that I give her after she says what we are going to do next. Really??

We started out with a 1.2 mile run; the entire thing is practically up hill. It kills me, as I always feel like the first mile is the hardest anyway. When we reach our destination it is a big set of 120 stairs. We do the first time up them just regular as you would climb any stairs, the second time we do doubles (skipping every other step), the third time we go up sideways leading with our right and the 4th time we go up leading with our left. Today I did it 8 times, so 960 stairs! This is a lot of stairs. Typically there are about 16 stairs in a flight, so this is equivalent to climbing 60 stories. Did you hear what I just said? 60 STORIES! This is like climbing half way up the empire state building. After we finished the grueling stairs then we run back to the gym. I will admit that it is easier since now it is more downhill.

I have been trying to work on my form when running. I spend a lot of energy bouncing up and down trying to run slow. My trainer has been encouraging to pull my shoulders back, put my head up and stay lower to the ground taking longer strides. It is hard but I am working on it. I do see why I get tired so quickly though. I take twice as many steps to go the same distance and waste too much time bouncing.

Once we get back to the gym we did a strength circuit that lasted about 45 minutes. A couple of the moves we did today were kind of hard for me and I didn't feel like my form was perfect so I asked my friend Kelly if I could take her picture for my blog. They are below. We also did some modified exercises of some of the moves I showed in my earlier exercises posts. Today we did star cruches but held a dumbbell. I will try to post some modifications.

It was a great workout. Feels good to accomplish something first thing on a Saturday morning.
I am glad that I don't have to fear the real judgement day and the best part about it is that if that day ever comes then I will have my perfect, healthy body! Till then I guess I will just have to keep trying to improve what I have. Happy Judgement Day!

Tricep hover
(This is kind of a combo between a plank and a push-up but you place hands a little closer together and further back, hold 10-30 seconds. For more of a challenge try to lift your leg, alternating)

Elevated Plank with Hydrant
(With feet elevated get in plank position, make sure to keep your butt down parallel to the ground. Then pull your knee in to your chest and then out in a hydrant position, then switch legs. Do this 10x on each side)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Accolades for the Apels

While living in Boise I was pretty active in my church choir. I bonded with a very special group of ladies. We were all different ages and had lots of different experiences yet we also had a lot in common. Mostly we all liked to have fun, we all loved to sing and we all have a heart for Jesus. One of the ladies in the group became my adopted mama in Boise, her name was Lorrie Apel. I love her and have learned so much from her and she probably doesn't realize the impact that she has had on my life. I miss her dearly as I do all my Boise friends.

Let me just tell you a little about the Apel family. They are one of the most successful families I know. When you dream of being the all American family you think about wanting to be an Apel. They had a beautiful home in Boise which they opened up and were wonderful hosts to so many events. I frequented their pool and had dinner there several times. Even after I moved, I stayed with them while visiting and they even hosted my college graduation party. I also would come over with a pile of homework on occasion and get Lorrie's advice on my college papers or speechs.

Lorrie is a nurse and finished her master's degree while I was living in Boise. It was really cool because one of her sons was also graduating from the same college and they got to walk together and receive their diplomas. Now that same son is working on his PhD in Geophysics. Lorrie's husband Win is also pretty incredible. A Yale graduate, a corporate lawyer and an athlete. Their son Peter and I attended college together. Specifically we took organic chemistry together. He must of gotten a better grade than me because he is a doctor now, actually a surgeon....I am not. haha :) Their youngest son is in Navy and attending Northwestern. I mean seriously does it get more successful? I don't know many families (actually any families) with a better resume. They have also traveled all over the world, Lorrie has participated in medical missions trips to Africa, been involved in the rotary, and accomplished many other incredible things. I am sure there are 100s of things I don't even know about.

The best thing about the Apels though is that even though they have so much success, you would never know it from meeting them. They are humble, giving, compassionate people. When I was in Boise, I knew that if I ever really needed something I could call Lorrie and she would be there in a heart beat. It is sad that miles now separate us but actually as of recently we are only 5 hours apart. I hope to see them soon. Again Lorrie just took me in under her wing and was a great surrogate mom to me.

So why this big post all about the Apels? Well, Win has a pretty amazing story. You can read more about it here but in short here it goes.....Win is a marathon runner. He hasn't always been a marathon runner; he actually ran his first marathon in 2000. After a battle with prostate cancer he set a goal to run a marathon in every state and on every continent. He completed this goal in 2009 when he ran The Boston. He has been featured on foxsports and NPR for his accomplishment. I remember hearing about this and thinking that it was so amazing that someone could be that dedicated to exercise and to a goal. I mean...Antartica is a freaking continent. Who runs a marathon there? Win Apel does.

Well, even though I would have thought of Win as your perfect picture of health...last year he was given some bad news. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor and has been battling brain cancer since November of 2010. He has glioblastoma multiforme which is very serious and highly fatal yet he has already defeated several of the odds against him. He had 98% of the tumor removed, has went thru several radiation and chemo treatments, and is taking a new medication as part of a clinical trial; but the statistics are still against him. He has a CaringBridge website and posts frequently about the status of his health and treatments. Every time that I read I am amazed by his positive attitude, trust in God and outlook on his future. He is such a fighter and I am praying everyday for a miracle. He is still inspiring others as well as inspiring me; just recently he has participated in several speaking engagements to motivate runners and raise money for cancer awareness.

He has truly been an inspiration to me. I am no marathon runner but through my weight loss journey he has came to my mind a lot. We are facebook friends and he is always giving my workouts, runs, stairclimbs, etc the thumbs up. As I mentioned in an earlier post, he was a big part of my inspiration to run the 5K and to wear my shirt "pick a fight". I'm not sure about running 50 marathons but I would like to some day at least complete a half marathon. I'd like to do the Country Music half in Nashville with friends. I know he doesn't know it....but every time I run I think about him and what he has accomplished and what he is enduring right now. I know that if Win wasn't sick that he would still be running but right now he can't. I have no excuse; I can and therefore I will (even though I hate it). Win, will I learn to love it?

Lorrie and Win Apel, you truly are amazing people with an amazing family. Thank you for being such a blessing to my life and to the life of many others. You have touched me in ways that you will never know. Keep fighting and we will keep praying. Win! What a great name for a fighter and a winner. Thank you for helping me win my own battle!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stand Up and Finish What You Started!!

Bob Harper is notorious for saying this phrase in several seasons of the Biggest Loser, it is even posted on the wall in the gym. I have had it on my list of things to blog about for sometime now. Tonight I watched last night's episode and it was the episode getting the teams down to the final four. They really focused on this concept of "stand up and finish what you started". It was exactly what I needed to hear tonight. That is what I need to do. I just need to finish this thing. Quit toying around with it, just do it! I deserve so much more.

In the past I have always started off weight loss programs strong but never finished. I have not struggled with this in other areas of my life. Usually I see the finish line and I run as fast as I can. I worked hard to get promoted every two years with my job, I did my MBA in 18 months..... but with my weight loss it has always been something I couldn't finish. Well I'll be damned if I don't finish this time.

I know that the first 80 pounds has been so important for my health but I know that the last 30-40 is where the biggest transformation will be. It is not going from obese to overweight but from overweight to normal and healthy. I can't wait for that! I started today with a small flame and I just got a new spark of wind that blew on my fire and turned the heat up.

I will not give up! I will finish. I have no excuses. I know that I can do this. I have to do this. I am committing to working out harder, eating better and getting control of my life. That is the thing. I have control, I control my destiny. So many out there can't control their outcomes. I personally know so many people struggling with disease right now and it breaks my heart. I plan to do a blog post in their honor. Just last night my Great-Uncle Mike was in town and visiting. He struggles with diabetes. I have tried so hard to maintain a lower carb diet but can so easily give up and fail. However, my Uncle Mike can't. He has to watch the sugar content of everything because his life depends on it. He can't just cheat. So often we take life for granted. I can't do that any more. I was given a body that works and is able to do so much. It is time for me to take advantage of it.

I am on fire! Keep it burning.

So Discouraged

I am so discouraged. I gained two pounds. However I know that I shouldn't be discouraged I should be mad at myself because I have totally sabotaged my eating this last week. I have worked out hard on my days at the gym but have neglected my cardio interval training at home. We have had lots of family in town and been able to enjoy their company and enjoy some delicious meals together...and Dessert. We've had cake and raspberry bars, pasta and enchiladas....lots of chips. I love to entertain and make yummy food, however I don't do good with all the temptations. My neighbor brought us brownies the other day and I have not been sticking to my lower carbohydrate plan. I have been such a bad girl. Not sure why I do it. I know I am doing it as I eat the food but I just love delicious foods. I have such a sweet tooth.

It is also girl time here at my house so that could contribute a little to my gain too. I've got a workout tonight and I am excited about it. My camera on my phone is broke. I have a genius bar appt with apple today. As soon as I get it fixed I will begin posting some workout videos and pictures again.

Starting today I need a sponsor! I am recruiting Jordan and Tammye. They don't know it yet but I will be telling them what I have been eating every day. This is where I really need my accountability. I have found out that my body likes you to be at least 98% compliant with your diet, 95% is not good enough.

I can't believe we will be in Florida in just over two weeks. I have got to start making better decisions and habits! I am so excited to see Travis's parents and my friend Amanda but I am disappointed that I have not lost more weight. I went back and read through several of my blog posts and I can't believe how much weight I lost in the first 4 months and how little I have lost in the past 4 months. I know why I was successful, I followed my diet plan to a T and I logged. Why is it so hard for me to log these days. My philosophy was if you "bite it..write it", it was a good one and I know that I really need to do it again. I think I have been trying to set up too many goals. My new goal is to ONLY write my foods down.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eat my Shorts

I just had to name this post that. Anyone that grew up around the same time as me knows that this line was made famous by Bart Simpson and what better to name my post since it has the word "eat" and "shorts" in it.
This week I have bought two pairs of shorts and two dresses. It is so exciting. I literally have been in the prison of capris since they became popular again. Don't get me wrong, I love capris but we live in the South. It gets hot here. Growing up I lived in shorts but for the past 10 years I have literally worn shorts a handful of times and every time I wore them I hated it. I hated that they rode up in the thigh and I was always playing the game of pulling them down. Thankfully now bermuda shorts are popular so this problem isn't quite as likely. One time when I was at the mall I saw a lady and it looked like her butt ate her shorts. I actually took a pic of it with my phone cause it was that funny. She was even thin but her shorts were too tight and totally riding her crack bad!

We are headed to Florida in three weeks and I am so excited about getting to wear shorts and tennis shoes. Have you noticed that tennis shoes kind of look awkward with capris? They seem fine with pants and shorts though. I am headed to Disney and will be doing lots of walking so will definitely want my comfy running shoes. It was awesome to just go into the store and by them. I also bought a dress. For those of you that request pictures, here it is below. I love dresses and find them to be very comfy in the summer. I looking forward to lounging in some simple sun dresses this year.

This has been a whole new experience for me and I AM LOVING IT!