My Weight Loss Progress

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Well, while I have been doing better on my diet and eating within my point allowance, I have not been on the treadmill in several days. Excuses, excuses...but it has been so hard. We have been super busy and it isn't getting any easier. Monday night we went to Knoxville to run errands and didn't get home until 9PM, last night my grandparents came over for dinner to celebrate Father's Day late and we played cards until 9:30PM. Tonight I am teaching CPR, tomorrow night I am meeting up with a friend in Knoxville that is going to have a baby any day, and Friday night I am supposed to be going to "Moms night out". I will just have to try and fit it in during nap times. The problem is that my kids don't seem to nap at the same time. Today I am taking the kids swimming and hoping to get in a few laps myself. I love to swim. It is my passion! I would swim everyday if it was easily accessible. I can tread water very well too and it is a good workout. When Travis's family was in town we all went to the lake and I decided to give my niece a workout, I had her tread water for several minutes with her hands on her forehead. It is pretty rough and I almost drowned her..haha. However, it is a great leg workout, so I will have to try and do it again today. Like I said, I am doing good with my eating. I remembered that my zucchini bread recipe makes two loaves. That means that those pieces from my last post were only 5 points instead of 10. Still a lot but now I am not feeling quite so quilty.

Well, a bunch of my family is coming to town next week. My mom, uncle, 4 cousins, cousin in laws and all their kiddos. Should be fun but I will have to seriously keep everything in check!


  1. Seems like your downfall during the last visit was not tracking your food- I am challenging you to track everything you put in your mouth during this next family visit! Bite it, write it, right?!

  2. i agree with jordan. i snack a lot, and it doesn't seem like much at the time, but throughtout the day it can really add up.

    with that being said, enjoy your family. stay on track, but enjoy them.