My Weight Loss Progress

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weight Watcher results: Week 10

Wow! It has been 10 weeks. This is by far the longest I have stuck with something in recent years. Even though I know I still have a long way to go (at least 28 more weeks) I know that they will go fast. I can't believe how fast the past 10 weeks has gone. Last week I felt good. I went to "moms night out" and saw some people I hadn't seen in about 10 weeks. They definitely noticed and said "You look great". While I don't think I look great, I still look at pictures and want to still felt good to hear it. I ran into another friend a who I hadn't seen in about a month and she called me "skinny minnie", funny since I am still 200+ but it is comments like that which really keep me going. So since starting weight watchers 10 weeks ago I have lost 25.4 pounds. With weight watchers, if you go to the meetings you get stickers when you lose 5 or 10 pound increments, online you just get little starts on your chart. Today when I plugged in my weight I got a big star that said 25! That was pretty exciting. I am pretty happy with that; means I have averaged 2.5 pounds per week. I could of done better this week. I didn't exercise at all on the treadmill. Not sure why not...I did do lots of yard work and swimming but I need to get back in the grove. I was really missing Biggest Loser and while BL Australia was alright, it wasn't the same as having Bob and Jillian to motivate me. I realized I hadn't seen season 4 of BL, so Travis downloaded it for me and now I can start afresh. Tuesday my family comes into town so I am sure there will be temptation. A friend of mine challenged me to write everything down while they are here. I am going to take her up on the challenge as I know that is a major factor to my success. I'll keep ya posted! By the way, did you notice I changed my toe nail polish? haha :)


  1. Yay! Just think what the number would have been if you had gotten your butt on the treadmill! Solid number, though. Today and tomorrow to get long workouts on the treadmill and the rest of the week to get walks in with the fam. and plenty of activities. Good idea about writing everything down, but I also want you to write in the daily note that you are going to write everything down. I am a list maker- can you tell?! Love ya!

  2. Cheryl!!! That's awesome, girl! You're inspiring me now. I've lost the last month completely. :( But... you are doing amazing. Look how close you are to being under the 200 mark! =)