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Friday, October 15, 2010


Well tomorrow is weekend warrior. I am so excited. I will be doing a long post to fill you all in about how it went. I know it is going to kill me but hopefully I will get some good pics and maybe even a video. I am doing well. Feeling good and hoping for a good week!

I stayed on plan all week except one day. One day, I royally screwed up! I didn't really even eat that much but every choice was bad. Pretty much I just snacked all day long on high calorie food. The sucky part about it was that I was never full and actually felt deprived all day. All day I didn't eat any substantial, I just ate small things through out the day but it was all junk. At the end of the day when I tallied up my points, I had used all of them for the day as well as my flex points for the week! What the crap!

I have a lot of friends that want to lose weight. Most everyone always talks about the exercise part. I can't exercise, I don't have time to exercise, etc. or they talk about starting to exercise. While exercise is great and definitely accelerates the is 98% about diet. It is about what you put in your mouth. My trainer always says "you cant out train a bad diet". It is so true! I have slacked on the exercise. I need to do more. I love my class on Thursday nights, and I love Weekend Warrior but I have lost my love for the treadmill. I know I said it in my last post but I need to get a new show to watch. I was doing so good when I wouldn't allow myself to watch "my show" unless I was on the treadmill.

Anyway...if you want to lose weight...exercise but more importantly....don't put the junk in your mouth to begin will take hours/days of exercise to burn it off.

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  1. Have got to agree! I mean, I want to work in exercise as much as I can, but quite frankly, I have no husband this month, and am working around a newborn nursing baby's schedule--as well as 3 other kids. So to have a set workout schedule doesn't work--so I squeeze in a 12 minute video here and there--and yet I've lost 26 pounds. I didn't even START working out for the first couple months because I'd just had a baby, then had my appendix out, and then had a staph infection... I definitely attribute the weight loss to making good eating choices. The working out is a bonus--but the eating right is the best foundation for a good life.