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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

188 and Smiling

Well, I made it to 188 before we left on vacation. I have a picture but havent had a chance to download it, I will add soon. Not quite the 185 I had hoped for but close enough to be proud. Now the trick will be to keep it off and not gain a Thanksgiving 5 pounds. I am actually about to get on the treadmill right now but it will be the first bit of exercise I have had since we left. The first day we spent the entire day in an airplane and/or car and didn't really get to move around at all. We arrived in the middle of a blizzard. It has been so cold and snowy and several family members have been snowed in and practically unable to see us yet. Maybe today we will see some of them.

Since it was cold we spent most of yesterday inside just visiting around the fire and watching TV. I guess I am not used to the TV. While it was really fun to watch some shows I can see how it is easy to get complacent and to just sit around watching TV and to neglect the treadmill. I recently read that the average american watches more than 4 hours per day and that the average home has more televisions in the house than people. My bodybugg will give you a rude awakening; sitting down watching TV burns a small 1-2 calories per minute (about the same amount as you burn when you sleep). Maybe that is the problem that is leading to obesity in America. At home, we very rarely watch TV as we don't have one on our main floor but we have been sucked into spending too much time reading iphones, playing on the laptop, etc. What is your vice? Do you play video games? Even reading is bad in regard to burning calories. Check out this very short article. The most amazing thing I read is that the average senior citizen spends an average of 207 hours a month in front of the television, which is about 7 hours per day.

Well, I better go get busy! I am setting a new goal to reduce the amount of time I spend sitting around reading my iphone, watching TV and playing on the macbook. I do love the ipad as it has allowed me to be active while watching TV. Now I can go watch an episode of 24 and get my workout done too!

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  1. So happy for you that the in-laws have a treadmill! No excuse to at least counteract some of the damage that'll be done this week. I can't believe how much snow is there! I wonder how may calories building a snowman would burn?