My Weight Loss Progress

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

Well, today is my birthday...not just 3-0 anymore but in my early 30s. This birthday is much better than the last. My last birthday is actually what caused this weight change. I had wrote about it in previous posts but I will do a quick recap. Here is a picture of me last year on my birthday.

Turning 30 was really hard on me. I had felt pretty confident through most of my teenage years and felt like I looked okay and was in pretty good shape till I turned about 20. My entire 20s were a struggle with my weight. Trying a different diet every couple months, only to stay on it for a couple weeks. My kids were born in my 20s, Hudson was born one week before my 27th birthday and Reese was born when I was 30 but I was pregnant through most of my 20s. It seems like your 20s are supposed to be when you are absolutely the most radiant. You have great skin, no wrinkles, and a youthful body. However, I let my entire 20s slip away from me and was a fat slob. I wasn't sexy and I felt like once I turned 30 the other things of my age would begin to show (i.e., wrinkles) and that I had let my prime go. I made a vow a year ago that I would not let my 30s go by and me just continue down the same path of destruction. I vowed that as soon as I had my baby that I would do something about it and change it! Well, 65 pounds later I can proudly say I have made a big difference. I still have a long ways to go and I sure hope to be at my goal by my next birthday, well hopefully even sooner. Here is a picture taken this week.

This week has been difficult. We have been in Idaho in subzero temperatures and the only thing to do is to sit by a warm fire and eat! Hopefully I havent packed on the pounds. I have been scared to get on the scale. I have not exercised as planned but will get on the treadmill today. Tonight we are having a birthday party for Hudson and his cousin Cole...more food! I know the holidays will be difficult but at least I will be home more and away from the multiple temptations. Hopefully I can just splurge Christmas day.

I will post a new weight pic on Wednesday when we get home to our scale. I am not giving up. I am embracing my 30s and going to be proud of them when I turn 40 instead of wishing that they had been different.


  1. happy birthday!!!! You're looking incredible! :)

    And I am dying to know what you think of the new WW plan! It's so different--yet so the same. Hard to get used to....but apparently it's aimed at we shall see!

  2. Hey there, Birthday girl! I love your determination. No going back! You have come so far. I love the before/after photos. Your face looks so different. Three more weeks of hard work then another "break" at Christmas. You can do it! Have fun at the party.