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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blog Award

Well, I accidentally skipped the November blog award and now it is already almost the end of 2010 and I haven't given one out for December either. This month's blog award goes to my sister-in-law Kimberly. She has posted several encouraging words on my blog and was encouraging when we just visited Idaho. I get tons of ideas from her. She is so talented and such a great cook/baker. Everyone knows that she makes the best treats (not all healthy) but her coconut cream pie and home made rolls are seriously to die for. I follow her blog "pink cookies with sprinkles" religiously. It has loads of great recipes and ideas. She cooks most everything from scratch and this automatically lends itself to more healthy eating. Her family eats very little processed food. She makes her own granola bars and even her own healthy fruit leather. Just this week I made her chicken and wild rice was so yummy.

Kimmie seems to have it all figured out. She knows what is important to her. Her husband and her family. I once had a pastor tell me that you can tell what things are important to people. Just look at their day timer and their checkbook. Where people spend their time and money...that is what is important to them. I really respect Kimmie and her hubby for making their marriage and children the most important. It isn't huge houses or expensive cars but making time to spend quality time, making memories as a family. This is a great concept. Once I was talking to my grandfather about buying a new car and I asked him why he didn't buy something nicer like a Lexus or Mercedes, instead of a Chrysler. He responded with cars aren't important to him. He wants one that is nice, comfortable, gets good gas mileage, has a big trunk and meets their needs but he would much rather go on 10 more vacations with my grandma and spend their money making memories than to drive a BMW. I think they all have it right....I want to live like that. Don't get me wrong...I want nice things but it doesn't have to be the nicest. Houses and cars don't last, but memories do.

She also is physically fit and makes staying in shape an important task in her life. Her husband, Tracy, and family love to hike. They have hiked the Teton Crest trail several times and have endurance and stamina that I dream of. I hope to one day hike the trail with them. I believe it is 30 miles done in 3 days (approx 10 per day). I am definitely not ready for it now but maybe Summer 2012. Maybe I should set that as a goal. The regularly walk and set a good example of how to spend time getting your body moving. They go on several fun adventures through out the summer and on the weekends. I think they really try to squeeze as much out of life as they can. Travis and I have been trying harder to do that too.

Anyway...Thank you Kimmie for being an inspiration and for keeping me motivated. Keep the comments coming. Love ya!


  1. I have hiked the Teton Crest and it is beautiful- not a lot of climbing either! You should def. make that a goal!

  2. found a photo...I spent hours one night looking through photos of all of the get together's (even Yosemite) we have had while you and Travis have visited and I don't have one photo of you and I...SO sad!!

    I was just browsing through my Google Reader and noticed your post. This actually brought tears to my eyes. You said SO many nice things and it's fun to hear how others "perceive" you. I have printed this out for my journal. I know that I am not the most "on the ball" with commenting on every post, but when I do comment, I mean every single word. I love the blogging world for that reason, that you can comment to others and make their day by simple comments. You are an inspiration to me!! YES, let's plan summer of 2012 for you to come and hike the Teton Crest will LOVE it!!

    BTW...we got the most adorable card in the mail from your family. Such priceless photos of your kids and I LOVE the saying "and I think to myself, what a wonderful world"! Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas week!!

  3. I looked for hours to find this photo. We were so small, I had to blow it up and crop. This is blown up like 500%. Hee hee. We need to get some pics of us. So sad :(. Glad I finally found this one. I originally posted it with just a pic of you and stated the same about how I couldn't find a pic...but then I I edited my post :). Thanks for all the comments!