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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Broken Scale

So, my scale is officially broken which is why I haven't posted a weigh in. I need to get a new one. We have had crazy weather this week. We woke up yesterday to 7 inches of snow. Totally unheard of in this area. Nevertheless I haven't made it to town to get a new one and no..I did not purposely break it. The digital reading just went out.

Looking forward to the start of our competition this Saturday. For more info check out

Have you read the news? In 2012 they are going to have to start putting the nutritional information (calories, carbs, protein, etc) on meat. I am really happy about this. I hate always having to weigh everything, look it up, etc. It will be great to have it right on the package. It will also make it easier to pick out leaner cuts of meat. Just an FYI.

Not much for now...more coming soon.

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