My Weight Loss Progress

Thursday, June 23, 2011 we come

It is official, we have bought our tickets to Idaho for Labor Day. It is Travis's parents' 50th wedding anniversary and we haven't seen a lot of the family since last Thanksgiving so we thought we would go for a visit while the weather is hopefully still nice. We are really excited about it as we are going for 10 days, the longest trip we have taken in a long time. This should give us plenty of time to see everyone and to do some fun stuff and sight seeing. We are planning to take the kids to Yellowstone National Park and Jackson Hole Wyoming. I think Hudson will love Yellowstone. He will be fascinated by the geisers and animals. It truly is an amazing place; if you have never been it must be added to your bucket list!

As we all know I have been in a slump for a while with my weight loss but after coming home from Orlando I have gotten pretty motivated. Started logging my food on weight and making sure I haven't missed a workout. I am going to incorporate some walk-run intervals on the treadmill too. I'm shooting for twice a week. When I very first started losing weight I did the treadmill religiously and watched the Biggest Loser while I walked. My trainer has been telling me that I would love "So You Think You can Dance". I love to dance yet for some reason I have never watched this show. I am thinking about downloading last season from Netflix on the I-pad and going back to watching and walking. No getting to watch unless I am on the treadmill. This seemed to work good before.

I had stated that I'd like to lose 20 pounds by Labor Day and that is still the goal. I think it is 10 weeks away and totally obtainable. I will start posting a scale picture every Sunday but no more progress pics for the entire duration. I want everyone to be a little surprised when they see me. I'll still try to post some exercise pics but they will have to be of my trainer or workout friends. I am committed to taking a pic of the scale though, so if you don't see a picture up here by Sunday at is your job to hold me accountable and ask for it! I need this accountability. Please help me!

If I can obtain this goal it will also mean that I will have lost 100 pounds since the day Reese was born. It will have taken me 18 months instead of a year but that is still pretty fast. That would be amazing. Here is to eating healthy and lots of workouts!

Slump be gone...frump be gone...lumps be gone!

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  1. Dude so you think you can dance is BOMB! i watch every season you have to watch it they are amazing dancers and it would be a great thing to watch while on the treadmill! Keep it up your doing awesome and i cant wait to see you and the rest of the fam! Love you!