My Weight Loss Progress

Monday, June 27, 2011


My friend is moving and she offered to sell me her 15 foot trampoline that she got at Sam's Club for $45. SOLD! Not only will my kids have a blast on it for years to come but it is a fun way to burn some calories. I am going to wear my bodybugg and go jump for 10 minutes and report back but I have read that you burn about 50 calories in 10 minutes. Not a ton but I'd much rather go jump for 10 minutes than walk on the treadmill.

Here is a picture of my son Hudson. Yesterday he was playing in the backyard when he decided to strip down and go for a swim in our little pool, next thing I knew it...he was out there jumping in the buff. I definitely won't be doing that!

OK..I put on the bodybugg and it looks like I can burn almost 100 calories in 10 minutes. This is active jumping, bouncing and running. This is a great way for me to interact with Hudson in play and help me meet my goal. One of my workout friends wants me to throw another Wii Dance party & add trampoline! I think I will do it!

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