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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Crazy Week

Last week was crazy.  I had volunteered at Hudson's school, we went to Nashville for the weekend and during the week I had lots of other things going on.  Sadly, I didn't lose any weight this week...but I didn't gain any either!  I tend to do so well during the week.  I meal plan, stay at home, exercise and cook yummy foods and eat healthy snacks.  The weekends kill me!  We play too much!  Can that be true?  The weekends are usually filled with less workouts and more eating out.  I have really got to work on having a cheat meal instead of a cheat weekend.

I have tons of recipes to post and will do that later this afternoon.  I have all our meals planned for this week and looking forward to trying some new things.  :)  Over the weekend I definitely had some wheat and sugar.  Like I said, I like my pizza with crust and my hamburgers with buns.  We went to the funnest burger place in Nashville with some friends.  It was called The Pharmacy.  They have an old fashion soda fountain and the kids loved it.  The burgers and BUNS were the best I've ever had.

This week is crazy too but I think in a good way for weight loss.  My friend and fellow Zumba instructor got in a car wreck yesterday and while she is okay she got a mild concussion and whip lash. I am covering her classes this week which means I just picked up 2 more classes (5 this week).  A little extra cardio never hurt :)

Gotta run but I'll post some recipes soon.

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