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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 14

Since I was feeling bad about the weekend I tried to really clean up my diet on this day and eat cleaner meals.  When I talk about eating clean that pretty much means only eating foods that God made.  Not eating processed foods but more natural foods.  These include: milk, eggs, meat, fruits, and vegetables.

Have you ever tried to eat clean for a week?  It is harder than it sounds.  It is amazing how many processed foods we eat.  From cereal, bread, and pasta to lean cuisines and instant potatoes.  I actually try to avoid a lot of the processed foods but what can I say, "I like a bun with my hamburger" and "I like bread on my sandwich".  So many things are processed!  Pretty much all the stuff in the middle aisles of the grocery: crackers, granola bars, chips, canned foods, baked goods, etc.

Try eating clean for a week!  It is a challenge!

Last night I also had Zumba and I am not sure why but I just got this extra jolt of energy in the class. We literally killed it!  I almost felt like I was bouncing off the walls.  I wish every class was like that!

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