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Monday, March 29, 2010

Attack of the Girl Scouts

So I kind of had a bad weekend. The girl scout cookies were found. Have you noticed that a thin mint can go down so easily? Between Travis, Hudson and I...I dont even want to admit how many cookies were ate this weekend. So still trying to figure out my plan exactly. I looked into P90X and I dont think I can do that extreme of workouts quite yet, however I could follow the diet. I have decided to only weigh once a week in order to not get discouraged. It is so tempting to weigh every single day but your water weight fluctuates and then you can get down on your progress. Since I posted my weight last time on Friday, I am choosing Friday's to be my weigh in day and I will post the results on my blog. My friend Amanda is coming to visit today and will be here until next Tues. I am super excited to see her. Problem is..she is an excellent cook and she loves to bake cupcakes. I have already told her that our menus have to be lower calorie and only one batch of cupcakes can be made. Then there is the Easter Egg hunt brunch on Saturday and Easter Sunday. I am going to just try and make it through this week but starting next Monday I am also going to log everything that I eat. This is the number one way to hold yourself accountable. Not sure if I will log it on my blog but maybe. I read a new study that says we need to be doing one hour of exercise per day. This will be difficult but I am going to try and start out by at least doing a half hour. It is so hard on the days that Hudson is home. On those days, I might have to work out at night.

Do you think losing 2-3 pounds per week is unrealistic? I have 13 more weeks to be off work. If I could lose 3 pounds per week on average then that would almost be 40 pounds which would make me be the skinniest I have ever been at this job. Sounds like a plan. I have found one benefit to breast feeding is the additional calories burned. Yet, you have to eat additional calories too in order to keep your milk supply so maybe it is just a trade off.

Well we will see how this week goes....

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