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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dont worry....well maybe a little sorry it has taken me so long to post. I have had several friends call or text to make sure I dont need an "intervention". I don't. I am still plugging along and I have not given up. I did have a very hard week last week though and think I gained about a pound.

August is my busiest time of year with CPR. Lots of students need it before returning to work, teachers, daycare providers, etc. So I had four classes last week and three this week. It is exhausting and makes it so I am away from home for practically every meal. Last week I slipped up. I found myself eating out more, munching on unhealthy snack foods, not drinking water, not finding time to exercise. Overall, I was still better and more conscientious of what I was eating than normal but definitely letting it slip. The most important thing that I have discovered however is that you can't let one week define you. I just have to pick it up where I left it. I can't get discouraged because quickly you are down the downward spiral.

So, yes...I had a bad week. No..I have not given up or plan to. It has just been a crazy week. I am starting my boot camp workouts next week. I have a friend that is maybe going to do it with me. I also have a new friend starting weight watchers, so it will be good to have another person to share ideas with. I am pretty depressed that I am not in the 100s yet. So close, it is like I have a mental, phyiscal block with that number. The good news is, that once I get there...I am never going back!

Thanks for all the support. I will let you know how the new workouts treat me. I also did not track my points last week. Yesterday however, I started a new! I'll be posting more soon.

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