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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blog Award

This month's Blog Award goes to my life long friend, Tracy Sise, in California. I have known her since I was born and she lived just down the street from me growing up. Her parents and my grandparents are best of friends and we have spent lots of time together. We have lots in common, including our birthday and enjoy talking to each other and sharing our life's blessings, challenges and experiences with each other. Tracy and me are 11 years a part. Growing up, she baby sat me and I always looked up to her as an older sister. I wish I had a recent picture to share but last summer when we went to visit my camera got lost in Yosemite National Park, (so, I had to steal this one from her hubby's facebook page). As we have grown older we have became even closer and I love her tons. She really is the closest thing I have to a sister. She knows my family dynamic very well, being around my mom, grandparents and friends; she knows my past and present as well as anyone. Her parents are also like second parents to me and I love them too.

Tracy has done Weight Watchers before so she has been great to talk to. She also sticks to a strict diet herself and exercises often. She has sent me emails, calls and gives me recipes to try..all which have been very helpful. I posted one of the recipes (salsa pork chops) on the blog. They were great! However, while Tracy supports my diet her real support comes from knowing my story. Like I said, I have known her for so long that I don't really have any secrets from her. She knows me. I call her to vent or to get my emotional support. There aren't very many people that you can get that from so I am so thankful to have her. She also is very honest and we both have told each other things that we probably don't like to hear. But...that's okay, it is what I need.

Last week, Tracy challenged me to workout in the mornings. I let her down. I wasn't able to do it. She has forgotten what it is like to work and have two kids under the age of 3. :) I just cannot get myself to wake up at 5:30am. I am still going to give it a shot but it might have to be next week. I need to prep myself to go to bed at 9 if I am going to do it and not at midnight.

Thanks for all your support Tracy. I Love you! Wish we were closer but excited to see you in the spring!

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