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Monday, August 16, 2010

Staying the Course

Well, this week I am just trying to stay the course. I had to retake my points calculator quiz now that I am under 200. My points dropped down to only 25 a day. I have been having a hard time in the past eating only 27 and I know that I as I lose even more weight I will only be allowed less and less points. I am also really trying to focus on exercise as I will need as many activity points as possible.

Today I ate 24.5 points and earned 3 activity points. It was a good day. I ate sensibly and had a nice day at work. After work, Travis and the kids met me at my friends pool and we went for an evening swim. The water felt so nice and the kids loved it. When I got home I ate a protein rich dinner and then hit the treadmill. I am still watching season 4 of Biggest Loser. I am getting excited for the new season to start.

My friend Tracy called me today and she is coming to visit in Oct. I am excited to see her. It is her first time to TN. She is bringing our friend Liz with her too. I know she likes the outdoors so hopefully we can enjoy a swim at the lake and a good hike or something while she is here. October is such a great time of year in East TN. Speaking of October, Race for the Cure is the last Saturday in October. I have good news and bad news about this. The good news is that the other day I registered for the race and got my free T-shirt. The lady at the table asked me what size I would like and I said X-Lg, please. She looked at me and said, "Is it for you", I replied, "yes"...then she said, "you better just get a Large, the X-Large will be way to big" If that lady only new how she had just made my day. It is satisfaction in the small things. The bad news is that I have totally neglected my C25K program and need to get my arse in gear! I only have about 10-11 weeks till the race and it is a 9 week program. I know that I still can do it but I can't slack at all. I have to be guaranteed those 3 workouts per week. They are only 30 minutes so I need to just do it.

Well, that is all for now! Good night.

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