My Weight Loss Progress

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have been so tired lately and it has been hard to get motivated to workout. I know that working out gives me so much energy and I need to do it but after doing chores all day on my days off or working all day, teaching CPR, going to meetings, playing with two kids, yard work, etc...I am pooped. I think that getting the 6 hours of sleep I get, just isn't enough any more.

How do you stay motivated? I considering getting a jogging stroller. I have a neighbor selling one in her garage sale. Not sure if it would help, as I could take the kids or if it would just be another gadget to collect dust.

This week has been extremely stressful. My boss resigned and it came as a total shock to me. I am heading to Chicago for two days on Sunday and trying to get prepared to leave my family. Just trying to play catch up on household and yard chores so we wont have so much to do on the weekends. We would really like to have some weekends that we can just go on some "close to home" trips and not be held as a slave to our house and yard. I am trying to get a schedule so most of the chores can be done before the weekend. I have my two days off...but it is still hard to get things done because on those days I am enjoying my kids and wanting to play with them and do activities, not clean!

Thats all for now. So to workout? or to sleep?


  1. I chose exercise. Just got of the treadmill. Did a quick 30 minutes of interval walk-running. I have my big workout with Tammye tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Cant believe that I burned less than 200 calories during that workout. You can consume calories so much faster than you can burn it. I am watching food inc. (the movie) since I am out of Biggest Loser episodes. I will be posting a summary soon.

  2. Good job Cheryl. You are doing so good. The outcome is what always keeps me motivated. Knowing what you will look and feel like when you reach your goal. You are getting so close, keep going.