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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weight Watcher Results: Week 21

Looks like a good week! I did more cardio than I had in weeks past. I did the treadmill twice and went for a neighborhood walk, I also did weekend warrior on Monday and then a difficult workout on Thursday. I added 15 minutes of cardio on Thursday too as a warm up. I had some challenges too. There is a bakery here that makes these wonderful lemon cookies. They are probably my favorite cookie. Well, one of my girlfriends said that she had a recipe for those cookies. I love to bake so it is hard to give up one of my hobbies in exchange for this diet. Yet, I have little self control when it comes to not eating the baked goods. To make a long story short, I indulged in too many cookies; and yesterday I put the last six cookies on a plate and took them to our next door neighbors.

Another rough week ahead. Must stay on track! I finished season 4 Biggest Loser. The new season starts in 10 days. It will stink only getting to watch once a week though. I will need another show to watch on the other days. I am thinking of 24. I have only seen season one and because it leaves you with a cliff hanger each week I think I would be motivated to watch.

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