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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blog Award

This month's Blog Award goes to my friend Rachel Holloway. I told her about my blog a while ago and ever since I told her she has been a great follower. She posts lots in my comments, talks to me on Facebook and it is nice to have her as a reader. She is also trying to lose some post baby weight so it is fun to have someone else that is having the same goals.

The funny thing about Rachel is that while we went to high school together she graduated a year after me and we never were really close friends. She asked to be my friend on Facebook a long time ago and I accepted. She also posted links to her blog,, on Facebook and a lot of her posts were recipes. I think I have tried at least 75% of them and they are all awesome! I enjoyed reading her blogs and we became friends pretty much 100% through the internet. Out of all of my facebook friends she posts the most on my pictures and my wall.

She is an amazing lady! She has four kids but she is always doing activities, cooking, blogging, etc. I don't know where she get her energy! She is doing weight watchers too and is doing awesome. She has been my motivation in recent weeks. Keep up the good work Rachel! Thanks for all your support. You amaze me!

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  1. This absolutely made my day! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love checking in with you and all your successes! You're doing an awesome job!