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Friday, October 22, 2010

No weight post

Well, I didn't get around to posting my weight on Sunday. I was working at the info desk at church that morning, running late, etc. Then Monday morning was hectic too and I forgot. I am doing fine though and will post a new picture of the scale on Sunday.

Finally recovered from Weekend Warrior! Here is a picture of what my bruise looked like the next day! Ouchy!

I went to work out last night. My rear is killing me! I was not the only one with a bruise. Several of my girlfriends also had scratches and bruises but I think I get the award for the biggest one! I am really loving my workouts. Wish I could add another night like Tuesdays. However, with teaching CPR and other commitments it is hard to leave the kiddos at home with Travis for another night. I have really been slacking on the treadmill too. I was so committed when I was watching Biggest Loser. I swear I just need a new show. I have been talking about it for months now but I think I am going to start "24" season 2; since it always leaves you on a cliff hanger, I think I will be motivated to watch. I am watching Biggest Loser again this season but haven't found that special connection with anyone. I think I like the "pairs" shows the best.

Travis took this picture of my last week. While I haven't lost a ton on the scale...I can definitely tell my body is changing. Hoping for a good number this week though!

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