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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fat girls don't wear True Religion

So just in case you were wondering True Religion jeans are only for girls with a 24-32 inch waist. Well, since last time I measured my waist it was like 40" that means I won't be getting a pair anytime soon. For the past 10 years I have been wearing the tried and true Levis. I always get the bootcut, mid rise, with a little stretch. I have also bought a few pairs of Old Navy jeans but don't think I have even bought those for the past 5 years. Well, all my jeans are old, are about to get holes in the legs from my huge thighs rubbing together and they are all too big. I was in desperate need of new pair. Since I am planning on slimming down even more though, I wasn't willing to spend much.

I had seen several commercials for the Riders by Lee jeans which instantly slim you. I was a little skeptical about buying my jeans at Walmart but this post is to tell you that I love them! For $18.95 I got myself a new pair of comfortable, flattering jeans. The good news is that these come in sizes 4-30 and also come in petite (short), reg and long. The other good news is that when I bought them I was in a big hurry and I quickly just picked up a size 16. I am going to keep them since they are comfy however I am going back to get one more pair and to get a size 14 because these are too big! Yippee!
Stacy London from "What not to Wear" is the promoter of these new Lee jeans. I was ordering my 14s online and was reading some of her tips. One of them that I found super funny & some helpful. She says "A common style pitfall for an apple shaped woman is wearing a jean that is too low in the rise. If the waistband of the jean sits too low, the tummy spills out over the top of the pant. Not a good look. Keep the muffin in the pan!"

These jeans have stretch which is nice, they have a mid-rise tummy control panel, are boot cut and have a no-gap waist! If you're looking for a cheap pair of jeans you should check them out.

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