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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Whoever Wants to Reach a Distant Goal Must Take Small Steps

Someone once said, "Whoever wants to reach a distant goal must take small steps". I think this is so true. So now, I am trying to set small daily goals. I am sharing my daily goals with the other local Biggest Loser contestants and challenging them to do the same. Today the goal was to drink 64oz and do 500 jumping jacks through out the day. Done! Last night I had done a tough leg workout with my trainer so doing the jacks was actually hard but hopefully it will help with my soreness tomorrow. I did 50 jacks every half hour.

I am going to try and set small little goals like this every day for the group. Please submit a comment or email if you have any ideas for the daily goal and I will try and incorporate them.

Goal for 100 pushups through out the day and don't eat anything after 7PM. (I think the 64oz of water should be every day)

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  1. I have already done my cardio, still planning on shredding after Idol, drank my water, and already finished eating for the night!