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Saturday, March 19, 2011

POW Camp

This morning was brutal. I spent 100 minutes with my trainer and a bunch of other exercise enthusiasts. Saturday sessions are called "Weekend Warrior" but I teased Tammye today and told her that I felt like a POW not a Warrior. Haha. Yet, somehow I keep coming back for more. I also went to a session on Wednesday; it is her advanced group which I try to avoid but I couldn't go on my regular Thursday so I tried it. A couple things I have done this week for either the first time in a long long time or never before: I jumped rope (don't think I've done that since 6th grade), ran at 8.0 on the treadmill (even though it was only a minute it almost killed me), walked at a 15 incline on the treadmill, and did one legged gliders (see pic below).

When I first started working out I could not even do two legged gliders more than once. This week I did one leggers 15 times on each side. Yay! When I did this I thought my trainer might cry. She was like "Cheryl I am so proud of you, this is a major breakthrough for us". It was a proud moment. If you'd like to try these at home, you can use paper plates to imitate as the gliding disk. It is better if you are on carpet. You can also do them with a paper plate under each leg and that is an easier modification.

I know that I am the strongest I have ever been in my whole life. I have been trying to take some pics of some of the crazy things we do and I'll be doing a post soon with several pics.

Today we did several exercises. We started out with some circuits using elastic bands, jump ropes and medicine balls; this included exercises such as lunges, squats, rows, chest press, overhead press and all sorts of crazy jumps with the rope including normal jump rope and then some drills wear we laid the rope on the ground and did mogul jumps, speed skaters and a modified football run. Then we went for a little run. We ran 4 minutes and then did 50 air squats, ran 3 minutes and did 30 air squats, ran 2 minutes and did 20 air squats, ran for 1 minute and did 20 air squats and ran for 30 seconds and did 10 squat jumps. (this may not be exactly but close enough). We also did a series of ab exercises such as bicycle crunches and reverse crunches. The torture never ends. We then hit the stairs at the amphitheater doing mountain climbers with torso twist, spider man push ups, tricep dips and box jumps.

The weather was so beautiful we did our entire workout at the park today. It was awesome! After all of that...I thought I'd die but then the group headed to the parking lot for more drills, we did a combo of running, shuffling, high knees and running backwards, then did some elastic band bicep curls, followed by firewalkers. These freaking hurt. It is just a little elastic band you put around your ankles and you walk side ways (step together, step....ouch these make your entire leg burn) and then did some lunges while holding the medicine ball over our head. Did I mention that after all that we did it all again??

This is serious torture. I am not sure what water boarding is like but this has got to be close. Not really but you get what I am saying. However, when you are done you feel so good. There are people of all different strengths, shapes and sizes in the group and we all keep each other motivated. It is fun and motivating to see some of the true athletes in the group.


  1. Love the sample pic of the exercise- makes reading the post that much better. I am so jealsous of your trainer- don't forget to ask Tammye is Nashville has something similar!

  2. Jordan, I added that pic just for you! More coming soon. Thanks.