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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Triple Challenge

5K run, 1200 stairs, and a strength circuit. This is the triple challenge. I think my trainer gets bored easily. She is always changing things up and always up for a challenge. Her newest idea is this "triple challenge". She is having training sessions on the weekends and the challenge will be the first Saturday in June. The idea is just to complete the challenge; there really is no winner. The sad part is that I will be in Orlando, FL the weekend that she is hosting this challenge. It was hard to still have the perseverance to go to training sessions when you wont even be able to participate but I figure that since I am going to FL I need any additional help I can get to lose another 8 pounds before I go.

This morning was my first session. We ran about 2.7 miles, I did the stairs five times which equates to about 600, and then we ended with our strength session. This included things like wall sits, resistance bands, tricep dips, push ups, plank, sit ups, and more. The hardest part is definitely the stairs and the running for me. The running I struggle to keep up and feel like I need to take breaks. The first 3/4 of a mile kills me; my legs feel like they are made of lead; then as they warm up I can go a little better. I think the hardest part for me though with running is the cardiovascular part and the breathing. My legs can go but I don't feel like my lungs are in shape. I think my mind hold me back too. I don't believe I can do it sometimes. The stairs are the most physically hard because your legs literally start to feel like jello after a few rounds. My legs were so sore already because of my workout Wednesday night I am not sure how they will feel tomorrow. I am going to try and go do the stairs some more with a friend on Monday if I am able to walk. I only did 50% of the stairs today (in the challenge we are supposed to do them 10x) and I am not sure how I could of done them 5 more times! I guess that is why we train.

I can't say enough how much I love my girls. All the girls that I workout with are so motivating. This morning when I walked in the gym they all shouted "Cheryl" . It was kind of like the greeting that Norm got when he walked into the Cheers bar. Am I showing my age? Did any of you watch Cheers? I seriously felt famous as I gave them a curtsy and said good morning. They are excited to see me when I show up and I am excited to be in their company. We all started out as complete strangers and now I can say that they are all my friends. I really do think having friends or a workout partner is crucial to your success. I got lucky. I just found this group and we have all bonded and became buddies. All of us are at different levels but it doesn't seem to matter.

More training coming soon. I'll keep you posted. I'll be doing the triple challenge on a different day since we will be out of town but my goal is to complete it.

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