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Friday, July 22, 2011

Why is it so hard?

I have had the craziest week this week. I have had something going on every day and almost every single night. I have been exhausted and not eating carbs has made me even more tired. I totally cracked Wed and binged on some carbs. It was like my body and mind were just craving them and I had to feed my addiction of flour/sugar. Have I mentioned how much I love both of those things? Now I am depressed, feeling guilty and those feelings lead to more eating and then the cycle continues. Will I ever reach my goal?

I'll be writing more but had to at least let you know that I have been totally failing the past couple of days. This is exactly why extreme dieting never works in the long run. You feel so deprived that then when you fall hard.

Damn it! I hope I don't gain weight this week.

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