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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Joining the Gym

I think I am going to join the gym. They just built a new National Fitness Center in Maryville and I think that I would utilize it. Over the past year working out with Tammye I have gotten into the habit of working out and I enjoy it. Now that I am not working during the day I can actually have the luxury of going to the gym. So here is the scoop of why I am making this decision; and trust me it was a hard one to make.

1) When I go to the gym in the evenings, it leaves Travis with the kids at night for several hours because of the driving, workout, chatting with friends, driving. I am also away from home about one night a week for CPR class and usually one other night I have some sort of meeting, group activity or social planned. This means that 2-4 times a week I am not home at night.
2) Because I go to a private gym for my training we don't have a gym membership which means that I am the only one that gets to workout. Travis needs to workout too and would like to get back into a workout regime. I have been selfish about my goals and not concerned about his.
3) The gym that I go do does not have childcare. This makes it impossible for me to workout during the day unless I hire a babysitter which costs $25 which makes my one hour workout cost $30 instead of $5.
4) Joining the gym gives me an immediate workout partner...Travis.
5) I just cancelled my bodybugg membership and my weight watcher memberships. I know how to lose weight I just need to do it. This should allow me to be able to hopefully still workout with Tammye on Wednesdays and attend Weekend Warrior.

The bad part about all of this is that I won't be able to see Tammye as much. I have loved my time with her and she has been the best trainer that a girl could ask for. I have been working out with her for just over a year and I have gotten so much stronger! I still plan to workout with her but maybe not quite as often. I can only hope that I can put to use all of the things that she has taught me. If I could do both, I totally would. I am her #1 fan and hope that I can be a true testament of her hard work and dedication to me.

Hopefully I can even send her some new clients. I really do love my workout girls and I know that the current situation is probably absolutely the best for me but I am going to have to sacrifice my own desires for my family. Hopefully as the kids get older this might get easier.

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