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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Judgement Day

So, here it goes.  I am about to face the truth.  I know why I haven't been losing!  I have been lying!  The truth is that I have gained a solid 15 pounds since June of last year.  Sunday this was the scale.  The lowest I really got last year was 177, there was something wrong with my scale and I got a reading of 169 a couple times but when I recaliberated it, it wasn't right.  I know 100% that I weighed 177 when I went to Disney World in mid June last year.  I haven't been posting pics of the scale cause I am mortified!  How did I let this happen?  How can I exercise so much, be in the best shape of my life and have gained weight?  It makes no sense.  I guess I can only blame myself, the winter, the holidays, and more.  I really tried to get with it in January but I have had no luck.  I haven't wanted to tell anyone that in January I weighed exactly what I weigh today.  I haven't lost a pound.  Well, I take that back.  I have lost a regained the same 5 pounds, over and over.  That is so bad!

I am going to post the scale picture every Monday morning again!  I have to do it.  It really worked last year when I was honest with myself and honest with you all.  I gotta do it again.  I still have 54 pounds to lose.  My goal is still 140.  152 will have me be at 100 pounds lost from when I delivered Reese but I am shooting for healthy.  According to my height I should even weigh less but 140 will be unbelievable to me.

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  1. If anyone can do it- you can! I have to admit- I quit checking your blog because you stopped posting! Now I will be hounding you every monday morning for the pic!