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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Too Lofty of Goal I am failing at my exercise everyday for 30 days goal. While I would like to and have good intentions everyday, somedays it just does not work out. I think the goal was a little lofty. Maybe I should aim for 5 days a week. That would be better. I would like to modify my goal. I hate having goals I cant reach. I would much rather make a smaller goal and obtain it.

So all my friends are concerned about me and this week. Dont worry I have not set a goal for this week except to break even. If I lose one pound I will be thrilled. I just don't want to gain. I am struggling to eat all of my points and I know that can put my body into starvation mode and slow the weight loss down. It is hard though to juggle life, the house, two kids and still find time to eat and to eat healthy stuff. I am headed to the store today and got some ideas off the weight watcher website for some good snacks.

Celery with Hummus
Apple with Peanut Butter
Cheese stick and Almonds
Carrots with fat free Ranch

I need some quick foods that are healthy and a good balance of carbs and protein. It is hard to just eat 3 square meals and day and get in all the points needed. If you have suggestions for snacks or meals please let me know. One food that I am absolutely in love with are these new deli thin round breads. They have 5g fiber and are only 100 calories. Only 1 point. They taste yummy and allow you to have some bread but not too much.

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  1. No worries, girl! There are some weeks that life just happens and fitting in the exercise is not an option. Don't kick yourself... just move on. And, don't forget, even if the scale doesn't show you the number you want, you may be losing inches. Week #5 was the first week I had no loss on the scale, but my measurements were taken with my trainer and I had lost 15 inches! If you're feeling good and making better choices, it's working! You're doing great!