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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eye on the Prize

Despite my battle wounds and my inability to walk very fast due to an injury I have been determined to workout. Over an hour on the treadmill yesterday and 80 minutes on the treadmill tonight; didn't get off till almost 10:30PM. I did a 5K! It took me a lot longer than usual because I had to do it a lot slower than usual but 3.3 miles is 3.3 miles. I also went on a short walk with my friend Teri today. It was blazing hot and I pushed both of my kids in the stroller up a big hill; I could feel the burn in my calves. It was so hot that we didn't walk for long but it was still more activity than I used to get. I really should take pictures of my legs. My left leg has the biggest bruise on it and my right leg is bruised from the ankle to the knee. Not really quite sure how I bit the dust so hard playing a game at a baby shower. I am the biggest dufus sometimes. I guess it was my determination to win; the funny thing is...there wasn't even a prize. Haha. I know that with this lifestyle change (diet and exercise) there is a huge prize to be won. It will help create health, confidence, better relationships, wealth, mental stability, happiness, endurance and the ability to live life to the fullist...It will help me win so much I can't even name them all. I AM DETERMINED TO WIN THE PRIZE! THE PRIZE IS GETTING MY LIFE BACK!!

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  1. I am so proud of you for working out even when injured! You are doing awesome Cheryl!!! Did you make it to the pool? We are headed camping so I will check up with you when I return! I Love you and am so bummed I am not coming to TN next week!