My Weight Loss Progress

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weight Watcher results: Week 7

Well, this was not the number I was hoping for. I have mixed emotions. I am glad that I lost from last week but disappointed that it wasn't more. Truthfully, last Wed I weighed and only weighed 211.2 which means I actually gained a little. I hate all the water fluctuation though. I think I do really good but the more temptation in front of me the hard it is. I am going to really have to get serious in order to make my goal of 199 by the time I go back to work. Arrggh. It is so frustrating! My biggest down fall has been that I haven't logged my food the past two days. It is a new day today though and I am back on track this week.


  1. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. I think this is a victory considering in family visits past you probably gained several pounds! Celebrate the small successes! But shame on you for not logging- you can do it on your I-Phone!

  2. Any loss is a loss, friend! It is so easy to get frustrated when we don't see what we want on the scale. I'm right there with you! And, I didn't log for two weeks - and gained 2 pounds. Just keep doing what you were doing that was working. You're doing great! And, don't beat yourself up. You will see that 199!!

  3. you got this. i'm so proud of you!