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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Feeling a Good Week

I feel a good week coming on...I have been really good, meeting all my goals. I have been doing the stairs at work in addition to my time on the treadmill and my calves are in knots but it is a good pain. The tenderness reminds me that I am accomplishing something. I have packed my lunch every day for work and I am actually eating breakfast at work too. I bought to boxes of cereal and I buy a small carton of skim milk in the cafeteria. I lasts for all three days and is way more convenient than bringing milk from home. If you haven't ever tried Fiber One Carmel Delight, you should. It has like 10 grams of fiber and almost tastes like something naughty. :)

Yesterday I was off; and I wanted to get in a little extra exercise so I walked to the farm across the street from our subdivision. I bought some melons, cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes and we have been enjoying all the yummy fresh produce. I love cantaloupe. A half of a one is only 2 points on weight watchers and I can easily eat a half for a snack or with my small sandwich at lunch. I still need to do better about my water intake. I love to fill up my hospital mug but I keep forgetting and leaving it at home. Guess I need to steal another one from the storeroom..haha.

Being back to work is okay. It definitely makes it harder to fit everything in. Spending time with the kiddos is most important to me so I feel like as soon as I get home it is lots of reading, playing, dancing, singing and interaction. By the time they go to bed, I am pooped and its time to exercise. I wish that your body only needed 5 hours of sleep but mine surely needs 7 and prefers 8. I think I am going to try and focus on exercising for longer stretches on the days that I am off and if I can exercise on work days it will be a bonus.

Some friends have asked me about the scale at the hospital (the original that I weighed in on). It is my plan to weigh on it next Monday morning to see the true results of my efforts, so stay tuned. I am really hoping to move the pendulum to the 100s. I am hoping for a good week. I haven't cheated and weighed daily as I don't want to get discouraged with the daily up and downs. Well, I need to get Hudson out of the bath and into bed and then I've got a minimum of 30 minutes to walk-run...wish my calves weren't killing me.

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  1. I love your idea about longer/intense workouts on "Off" days. Maybe you could wear a pedometer on work days and try to hit a steps goal. That way you would be conscious all day about moving, but wouln't have to dread the treadmill after a long day at work. Can't wait to see the fruits of your labor on Monday morning.