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Thursday, July 15, 2010


So, today at work there were several temptations. We had a rep that always brings in cookies there today (he comes 2x a month) and it was the weekly trip to Walmart where our office manager stocks up on candy to fill the bowls in the waiting area. I also facilitated an afternoon meeting which means you are able to get free drinks (soda/tea) while attending. This is some of what I saw today. Did I partake?

Well.....I had one single starburst candy at 4:30 as I walked out the door. So close! At least it was only 20 calories and I still was able to stay within my points for the day. I did an hour on the treadmill tonight in order to make up for it. I have earned 9 activity points; my goal was 15 by Sunday. Looks like I'll be working out on Friday and Saturday too.

Back to the temptation...Thankfully the cookies didn't look very good. I know that I am still not strong. If that would of been a plate of my sister-in-law's cookies, I would have definitely ate one. Did I mention that she makes the very best cookies. All flavors: chocolate chip, pumpkin, double chocolate, snicker-doodle, etc...they are all wonderful. Sweets are definitely my weakness. The good thing that I have learned from Weight Watchers is that you dont have to give them all up in order to have success, it is portion control. So why is it that I always want to go back for more. Why is one not satisfying enough? Will it ever be? I hope so. I really want to be able to still enjoy food and splurge a little on special occasions but have the ability to stop.

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  1. Every "No" makes you stronger. Keep saying no, but know that "yes" isn't "bad"- you are just living your life afterall. Good job on the 'mill. Six more points to go!