My Weight Loss Progress

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weight Watcher results: Week 12

So I am so sick of the number 205.6. I feel like it is haunting me. I weighed about 25 times this week, it didn't matter when I or night, before or after I pee, before or after I poo (I know a little TMI...but so frustrating), with or without clothes...the damn scale always said 205.6! So I have for sure hit a plateau but I can guarantee you that I am going to bust it!

I have set very specific goals for this week:
1) Stay within my points every day
2) Earn at least 15 cardio activity points this week (3points x 5 days)
3) Drink 64oz of water each day
4) Incorporate some weight training activity points this week (2 points x 3 days)

I get woman's day magazine (well actually I just get hand-me-downs from my grandma) but last month there was a good little starter workout for all your problem areas. There are 10 different exercises and all of them can be done with just dumbbells or they are resistance exercises (using your own body weight). Doing all the exercises together create a short 15-20 minute routine. I want to try and do this at least 3 times this week.

I am shooting for a minimum 3 pound loss based on these goals!

OK, so the good news is that last night was our anniversary and we went out to dinner. I had bought a dress several years ago similar to one of my favorite other dresses. When I bought it, it didn't fit and I have never worn it. Last night, just for the heck of it, I tried it on and zipped right up. While I may not be losing pounds on the scale every week, I do know that my lifestyle is changing and I am making progress. I know that I need to lose pounds on the scale and I am going to but it still feels good to know that this is paying off.

I went to the store and purchased stuff for my fridge at work and to get me stocked I should be safe there. I'll need some encouragement this week so give me a call or send me an email. Next week's blog post 202!


  1. Your new dress is so flattering! I love that you wrote down your goals- so I can pester you about specific stuff this week. Can't wait for next Sunday morning!

  2. look at you. you look GREAT!

  3. What an adorable dress and you look SO cute in it...very flattering on you! YAY that you got to wear a cute NEW dress for your anniversary.

    Don't be discouraged by the scale. It really is amazing how you can lose inches, but not really lose weight. I try to not get so worried about the scale, but more about how my clothes feel and how I look in them.

    You inspire me Cheryl and you are doing SO AWESOME!!

    I was going to tell you that another drink alternative would be to purchase a $10.00 coffee pot (that you use for only brewing up tea, so it doesn't get tainted by coffee) and then what we do is put our Moroccan Mint Green tea bags in the place where you put the coffee grounds (without a filter)sprinkle on a dash of Stevia powder, pour water in brew it up and then fill thermos's (they have cute Stanley thermos's that are PINK) and take it to work to enjoy for an afternoon pick me up drink, that is not flavored with artificial sweeteners, or high sugar. I SO much enjoy my thermos of green tea during the day. So does Tracy.

    Anywho, hope things are going well with being back to work!! It's so hard to go back, but also nice to have a normal routine and order to your life again.

    We sure are thinking about you and your cute little family LOTS!!