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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weight Watcher results: Week 15

Can I just tell you that it pains me to type this blog post. Literally! I am so sore after my workout yesterday. Everything from my knees to my shoulders is sore and tight. I am wishing that I had the ability to pee standing up because squatting makes me want to cry. I feel pretty happy with this weeks loss! I feel confident that I will be in the 100s next week! Then we will have a new goal of seeing 185 the lowest weight that I have weighed in the past 6 years.

I contacted the personal trainer and I am going to try to do weekly sessions with her. It is small groups of about 4 people and bootcamp style. It is only $10-15 a session which is very reasonable for that type of training. It is hard though because of my kiddos. With the gym you can drop them off at childcare but with this type of training there is no childcare. I hate to put more burden on Travis because he already does so much. I actually wish we could do the bootcamp together as it would be good for him to get some exercise too. Maybe our little neighbor girl can watch the kids if I knew that it was always going to be on Wednesday nights.

Well, down 50 pounds from when I started (which actually means down 54) because of the different scales.

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