My Weight Loss Progress

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blog Award

The blog award for September goes to my beautiful friend Maggie! She has been so encouraging. She checks out the blog regularly and comments frequently. I talk to her pretty frequently on the phone and she helps to keep me motivated. Yesterday, I had the chance to spend a special day with her...her wedding day! She was such a beautiful bride. She was so radiant that it made me want to keep going! I remember how it felt to feel skinny and happy. I want that feeling back so badly.

Here are some pics from the wedding. This is what "under 200" looks like! I was very brave and wore a strapless dress! It has been a while since I could just go to the store and quickly grab a dress, try it on and it FIT. I still have a long way to go. Last night there were a lot of beautiful young women at the wedding. I was envious. I felt good in my dress but could only dream of how I would feel if I was another 50 pounds lighter.



  1. WAHOO! I didn't know I just had to get married to get the blog award. I would have done that sooner :)

    Seriously, you looked smokin at my wedding.