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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blog Award

This month's blog award goes to my friend Kim Norton! She is one of the reasons for my success. When I very first started my journey I told her about my blog and she immediately responded with support and told me about her own journey. She had joined weight watchers and began exercising and was losing regularly. It was such an inspiration to talk to her and I decided that if she could do it...I could!

Kim and I actually met taking a dance class in Knoxville. For those of you that have known me a long time, most of you know that I took dance for over 10 years. I took dance in college and have always enjoyed it. I always feel silly telling someone that has only known me for a few years that I used to be a dancer. They always give me a puzzled look. It is because I definitely don't look like a dancer anymore. However, at one time I was dancing 5 days a week. I have danced at Disneyland, for Royal Caribbean Cruise line, and in several competitive arenas. At one time, my team held the national champion title for one of the largest competitions in the nation. So while I may not look like a dancer anymore...I have the heart of a dancer still. It kind of breaks my heart. While I am sure I was never going to have a career in dance, it always makes me sad that I quit dancing and let my body become what it was.

When I first moved to TN, I was trying to think of the ways I used to exercise...since I love dance I looked for an adult dance class. Kim also had dance experience and was a color guard coach at one of the local schools. We were by far the best dancers in the class. :) Most of the other people had no experience at all. We immediately became friends. We have had fun getting together for dinners and game nights and Travis and I have both enjoyed her and her husband's company. Sadly, they moved to the Atlanta, GA area a few years ago but at least there is still Facebook and blogs to keep us in touch.

Kim has been very supportive and I look forward to us supporting each other this year. I appreciate all of her blog comments and her phone calls. It has been nice having a team mate during this journey. Good luck Kim! I know you can do it too. I actually just saw an ad for a class called "tap and burn". It is a tap dancing aerobics class. Sounds like fun, I may have to try it.

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  1. Cheryl!!! What a sweet surprise! Thank you sooo much! I'm incredibly proud of you. You are sooo close! Thanks for your sweet words. Miss you!!