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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A good day

So yesterday was a good day. The weather was beautiful, in the 60s and we enjoyed a day at the park with the kids. Had a babysitter for the night so got to enjoy a dinner a Pei-Wei and some kid free grocery shopping and shoe shopping. I have not bought a new pair of tennis shoes in like 5 years. The last pair I bought was a pair of ASICS and I have never been happy with them. They squeeze my foot, the laces were not long enough, etc and they made my feet look like "The Hobbits"...short and stumpy. Nevertheless, I have been needing new shoes badly. Several of my friends that are avid runners or exercise enthusiast have sworn by a brand called Saucony. Hudson has had a pair of them and they seem to be good shoes. The man at the shoe store was very convincing as well. I have the weirdest feet. My right foot is a narrow-regular 5.75 and my left is a regular-wide 6.5, this can make shoe purchases a little interesting. So after running laps around the store, calls to friends, and more I ended up with these. While I don't wear very much pink, all my workout pants are black or gray so I am thinking these will look pretty sharp. I am very excited to try them out. Wish I could today but the whole family is under the weather. We all have colds and slept really crappy last night. Sad, since it is 65 degrees outside. It would of been fun to go to the zoo (half off prices in the winter) today. Oh well.

Another great thing happened yesterday! I bought my first pair of 14 jeans in probably 10 years. I had bought the 16s last week and they were loose. I was skeptical about the 14s but just bought them without trying them on. I assumed that I would have to really squeeze into them but it would keep me motivated. However, when I got home and put them on, they just slid right on, no problems at all. Hence, they do have quite a bit of stretch to them but I didn't even have to do my regular 10 squats to stretch them out. They fit just right, brand new, never stretched. Made my day. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get Travis to take my picture wearing them. Not looking so hot today since not feeling well.

I am worried about my goal of 179, I am going to post weight on Feb 1. I don't think I am going to make it and it has been very discouraging. I worked out on Monday but was so sore that I took two days off, we had our trip to Chattanooga, date night, etc. However, I know I'll be posting a loss and that is what really matters. Slow and steady wins the race right? The good news about slow and steady is that it has been proven that those that lose weight this way by making lifestyle changes instead of some get quick fix have a lower chance of gaining it all back and their skin does better where you don't have as much excess. I am just going to celebrate a loss; I am keeping my 179 written on my arm until I attain it though!

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  1. I love that you are persevering with a great attitude in spite of your doubt. But, you know what they say... 'Shoot for the moon and you might catch a few stars' Although, Tad reminds me that the stars are actually further away than the moon... oh well, the point is that you "asked big" and had you not you may not have even come close! I didn't make my 134. Weighed today and it was barely 134.5. So... I'll just keep at it. So happy for you, and your jeans, and your shoes.