My Weight Loss Progress

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well I didn't quite make my goal but I am still really happy. I lost 5 pounds in 15 days. That is still a lot so I am not going to pout. I am just going to leave 179 written on my arm and shoot for it next week!

I have been sick. Sunday I didn't leave the couch all day and didn't move much yesterday either. Really bums me out cause I am so excited to try out my new shoes and the weather has been so great. I hope I am getting better. For now the plan is to work out with my ladies and Tammye on Thursday night and then again on Saturday for "Power Hour".

Confession: My treadmill has cobwebs on it. Well, not literally but I have not been on it in forever. I have done the "Shred" videos and the circuits at home but my cardio has really slacked off. My goal for this week is to get on treadmill at least 3 times, even if it's only for 20 minutes. I've just got to find my groove again. I did have a friend that has an eliptical and we talked about trading for 90 days. She is burned out from it. I thought this was a great idea. Don't you remember when you were a kid and you got a new pair of roller blades, you roller bladed 24-7 for several weeks, then you don't wear them for months...well I thought that if I got something new that I might get excited about it again. I'll keep you posted on how my 3 days go and if or if not I do the trade.

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  1. SO CLOSE!!!! WOO HOO! I think you should feel absolutely THRILLED with this! yay!
    And I love the idea to trade fitness equipment. If I had anything to trade, I would totally do that with someone!