My Weight Loss Progress

Monday, February 7, 2011

3 Things to keep me going

This weekend I had 3 great things happen to me:

1) A person at church came up to me and said "wow, you are like melting away"...felt nice to have the compliment and for someone to say something

2) I ran into my grandparents at the grocery store, I was wearing my new 14 jeans and a new shirt. My grandma immediately said "Wow Cheryl you're really starting to look like your trimming up. Look at her Russ (my grandpa) can't you tell she is losing weight"...This is huge! My grandma rarely says much about my weight loss. It was kind of aggravating cause it seemed like when I was gaining we talked about it every time I saw them but when I start losing no one said anything. It was just nice to know that they both could tell.

3) A friend at church told me that she had a dream about me that I got down to my goal weight and was "super smokin hot"....I hope that her dreams come true!

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