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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blog Award

This month's blog award goes to one of my besties, Amanda Rayburn! I have been wanting to give it to her for sometime just because I love her so much but she wasn't following the blog as well as others so I had to put her off. However, as of recently she has became a good reader and she is also joining me on my diet for lent. It has been fun to talk to her about her workouts, eating ideas, etc. We are getting to our goals together.

Last time Amanda saw me, I weighed 231 pounds. I can't wait till I can see her again (hopefully in June) and show her the new me! I don't even know where to start in telling you about Mandy. Out of all of my friends and family she has came to Tennessee to visit more than anyone and she loves me so much that she even attempted to move to TN to be closer. She was here for about 4 months and got home sick. :(

When I think of Amanda here are some of the words that come to mind (you may not understand them all...but I do):
Cupcake, Smart, Music, Hoodies, Sex in the City, Pigtails, Camel's Back Park, Vault, Macbook, Pharmacy, Beautiful, Poetic, "I thought I got 100", New York City, Quiznos, muffcakes, Alto, St. Luke's, Radiohead, Creative, Old Chicago, Williams-Sonoma, Devoted, Sunglasses, Vue, Funny, Boise State Bronco, Friend, wisdom teeth, Talented, Happy Camper, Sucrose, I-Pod, Weeds, Eclectic, Knitting, Epidemiology, Tatoos, "Who Cares", Oranges in Tube Socks and Moonshine.

Amanda is a great friend. We have laughed many laughs. She is the kind that you can call for no reason or the type that would come over just to help you clean the house and hang out. She knows all my flaws but still loves me. We have been on tons of adventures together and I can't wait for even more. Love you friend. You mean the world to me. Miss you tons and wish you were still here. Good luck with Pharmacy school....I'll know you'll be great!

Isn't this picture of me disgusting? It was the last time she was here, right after Reese was born and we headed to Dollywood with my 3 week old baby. hee hee. Look at my shirt curling up over my belly. Gross!!

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  1. What an awesome friend! :) I love hearing about all these inspirational people you know! SO fun!!

    And that picture isn't just shows how AMAZING you are and how far you have come! you go girl!