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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Get Richer...literally

If you get in shape you may be able to improve the shape of your finances too! It has been proven that it is much more expensive to be unfit. This is mostly due to the fact that overweight people tend to be sicker and often have to pay for higher medical bills. Those that are obese are more likely to have cancer, diabetes, heart disease, infertility and ; all expensive to treat diseases.

Fat discrimination is a terrible thing! Many people think that if you are fat that you must be lazy, unmotivated or lack determination and drive. This is so not true! I have been so motivated in my career and school and that was some of the reason that my body went to poot. I was spending all my energy on other things. However...discrimination is a real thing and it does exist. It has also been shown that when you lose weight that your employment prospects will improve. Sadly, in the job market, appearance can count for a lot and sometimes people that are overweight are overlooked and not hired. Employers a lot of the time think fat people are going to have poor attendance, that they are slow moving or even incompetent. Studies have shown that fat people are paid less than employees of average weight.

So don't lose weight just to look better, feel better and be it to make money! Get rid of the pounds now and maybe it can help your earning potential. I can tell you right now that there have been jobs that I knew I was qualified for, that I knew I would be good at..but I didn't fit the mold. I have strongly considered medical sales. The money is great and I have worked on the other side of the desk for years. I have negotiated medical contracts, device sales, etc. It is my expertise. There is way more money though in sales than working for the hospital. Have you seen medical sales women? They are all in shape and beautiful. I have yet to see an ugly one or one that is grossly overweight.

I am excited to see my body and life changing!

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